Did you know that Bill Murray does not answer fan mail because…


Bill Murray, who gained worldwide recognition back in the 1970s and later earned two Academy Awards for his acting skills in Lost In Translation, is famous for keeping a low profile. However, what’s shocking is that the 63 year old actor is actually playing hard to get – and he has been doing so for quite some time.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Murray doesn’t have an agent, let alone a manager, and according to many people, he doesn’t even own a personal cell phone. Thus, it comes to no surprise that he isn’t answering any fan mail. Murray doesn’t turn down a selfie or an autograph request when he meets a fan on the street, but when it comes to e-mails, letters and packages sent by fans he doesn’t bother himself with answering. According to him, the world is full of people who want to make money out of getting autographs by famous actors, singers, celebrities and so on. In an interview he gave for The Talks Murray stated that he doesn’t have time for all those “idiots”.


So if you’re a fan of his work, don’t bother yourself by sending fan mail.  


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