Did You Know That It Was A Tradition in Ireland To Give You A Pint Of Guinness When You…


There are numerous stereotypes about Irish people: they believe in gnomes, they are famous for Guinness beer and whiskey, they love green clothes, etc. Of course, some of these notions are true but others are not. Ireland is a really interesting place and there are many extraordinary facts we don’t know about the Emerald Isle.


For example, when you donate blood in Ireland, you receive a pint of Guinness beer. At least, it was like that until recently but in 2009 the parent company of Guinness put an end to this practice. Now everyone who donates blood gets a cup of tea or another non-alcoholic beverage, biscuits and small gifts. The fact that the practice was put on halt must have been taken really badly by all Guinness lovers.


In addition, Irish people truly love the Guinness but they aren’t the only nation that consumes the black beet. Number one Guinness drinkers for 2007 were the people in the UK while the second position is rather surprisingly taken by…Nigerians!


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