Did You Know That Kim Kardashian Outdid Kanye West By Having…


While Kanye West is still organizing his last night as a single man in Ireland, Kim Kardashian’s bachelorette party has already taken place in The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills. The second oldest Kardashian sister is known to be the most reserved and boring one of the entire clan. However, she really allowed herself to let her hair down drinking and dancing all night accompanied by family and close friends.

Image Source: Splash News
Image Source: Splash News

The party was organized by Kim’s mom and sisters and only the bride-to-be’s closest and dearest friends were invited to the event. The lady of the hours appeared in a stylish white dress with the engagement ring sparkling on her hand. Kim recently shocked the media admitting that the wedding is not going to be as huge and public as expected and it even won’t be featured in her reality show. She also denied inviting a thousand guests and stated that the event is going to be much more modest. Kim and Kanye’s big day is scheduled for May 24 in Paris, France.


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