PlayStation 4 is officially the most popular gaming console ever

Sony’s gaming console PlayStation 4 managed to climb on the top spot as the most popular (a.k.a. bought) console ever.

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Back in November 2013 Sony launched the PlayStation 4 console. Its main competitors, of course were Microsoft with their Xbox One consoles and Nintendo with their Wii U. However, PlayStation 4 proved to be the most popular one of them all and outshined Microsoft and Nintendo’s products over the course of less than a couple of years!

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Sony reported that PlayStation 4’s sales have hit the 40 million milestone – an impressive achievement, which neither of the company’s competitors managed to come close to. Microsoft launched their Xbox One console in November 2013 – at the same time when PlayStation 4 came out – and the product has held somewhere around 21 million sales. Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One’s sales and started giving out details only on the gaming hours spent on their product. On the other hand, Nintendo’s Wii U is performing twice as worse as the Xbox One – it has approximately 13 million sales. And what’s even worse is the fact that it came out in late 2012! That leaves the PlayStation 4 on top of the most popular gaming consoles out there with its impressive 40 million sales. Sony’s latest reports show that the company managed to sell more than 4 million gaming consoles since the start of 2016 to the 22nd of May.

Having these impressive numbers in mind, it’s outrageous to even think about the possibility that PlayStation’s main competitors might outshine Sony’s product. Not only that, but the fact that Sony is about to release a new PlayStation Virtual Reality headset later this year speaks loud and clear about Sony’s bright future as the most popular manufacturer of gaming consoles of our time!

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