Did you know that Somebody paid more than $62,000 for Justin Bieber’s…


Diane and Bruce Dale, Justin Bieber’s grandma and grandpa decided to donate some money to the Stratford House of Blessing – a food bank, which has been helping unfortunate people for more than three decades. Mr. and Mrs. Dale decided to raise the money using some of their grandson’s old possessions.

Image Source: DEVIANART
Image Source: DEVIANART

They put Bieber’s bed comforter, pillow cases and old ceiling light as well as an old pair of shoes up for sale on eBay. The auctions for the items ended earlier this February and the results of the biddings are stunning. The ceiling light was sold for almost $2,000, his old pillow cases were auctioned for over $3,000, while the pop singer’s Toronto Maple Leafs comforter went up for over $6,000. However, the hockey printed bed comforter’s final bidding price is nothing compared to the basketball shoes’ one. The Nike trainers Bieber once wore and sweated all over were reportedly sold for more than $62,000. Seriously, somebody paid more than $62,000 for Bieber’s old shoes!
The winners, who made the final bids, are still unnamed, although official reports show that Mr. and Mrs. Dale have applied a signed certificate of authenticity. Apart from that, the reports also state that Bieber even signed some of the items himself.


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