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Dog Ate The Whole Turkey Before Everybody Was Able To Even Look At It

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Christmas Day is magical. We get up early to watch the little ones open their gifts. We see friends and relatives. We forget for a day out troubles and strife and just try to be in the moment and celebrate the day with our loved ones.

Not many will disagree that the food on Christmas Day is amongst the most anticipated of the year. Big honey hams, lovely beef roasts, or roast goose tops some menus. Sides that we all love, such as mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing and sweet potato soufflé. Don’t even get me started on the desserts! The most traditional thing on the menu, though, is usually a delicious roast turkey. And there is nothing better than a succulent, juicy turkey in my opinion.

There is at least one dog that would agree. Yes, you read that correctly. I said dog.

One family had to scurry to be able to save their Christmas dinner when a dog scarfed their main course!

They were busy getting everything ready for Christmas dinner the next day when the incident took place. If it was anything like my family kitchen during the holidays, it was loud, busy and fun! A perfect time for kids and dogs to get away with things! One dog took full advantage, for sure!

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David Barrett has a precious Chi Apso, but nobody was thinking so when she stole their dinner! By the looks of it, no punishment was needed, though. That poor, sneaky dog looked miserable.

Luckily, other family members were able to replace the food stolen by the naughty pooch! One of the aunts had an extra turkey, so she effectively saved the day. Christmas miracle? Pretty much!

David explained what happened, saying his mom had cooked a turkey breast, and put it on the bottom tier of a table, covered with foil and a dish towel, to make room while the rest of the food finished cooking. This was her mistake! It ended very badly!

The dog just took it and ate the entire thing. She couldn’t move afterwards. Like, she just lay there like a blob. Not even a slight twitch. Donezo. Napping for the rest of the day, surely.

David tweeted about the dog’s Christmas shenanigans along with a picture of the now immobile canine, and it went viral pretty quickly. People were loving the sight of the poor fat pup and delighting in the story of her turkey thievery.

You almost feel sorry for the poor thing. She literally couldn’t move.

A lesson learned for this family for sure! Keep the food up high when hungry dogs are around! She’s going to need some extra exercise this week!

Happy Holidays!

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