Emma Watson’s Response To The Spelling Mistake In Her Tattoo Was Brilliant

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If you are a tattoo fan, you must have spent countless hours searching for photos and ideas online, and among the masterpieces that some artists create you have probably stumbled upon disastrous results. But tattoos could be a total mess not only because of the complete lack of skills of the artist, but also because of his bad spelling.

There is nothing funnier than an immaculate tattoo featuring a slogan or a saying, written with a beautiful font and a horrible mistake in one or more of the words. This apparently happens too often. If the mistaken tattoo is done on a celebrity, you could imagine the reaction of the public after seeing it; in fact, even a perfect tattoo would be enough for people to discuss it for a long time.

There probably isn’t a single human on this planet who could say a bad word when it comes to Emma Watson. It’s no secret that she often participates in projects regarding different important social matters. She devotes a lot of the time between working on movie sets to philanthropic activities. It seems that the actress who gave life to Hermione Granger has a generous soul.

However, upon Watson’ entry to the recent Vanity Fair Oscars after party, people spotted that the beautiful actress had a tattoo on her right forearm. The tattoo was limited only to the phrase ‘Time’s Up’, but apparently there was a slight problem with it.

Her biggest fans were puzzled, because nobody knew about the new ink in advance; of course, she could do whatever she wanted without anyone’s permission. The tattoo was most likely permanent, or at least that is what everyone thought.

1. Some were confused where to look at first – the new tattoo or the fringe hairstyle.

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One Twitter user commented that despite being a big fan of the talented actress, there was a moment of confusion upon seeing her attending the after party. First, the huge tattoo was a bit controversial for this fan, but then there was the odd fringe haircut. However, being as sweet as she is, Emma Watson would probably look great with any kind of haircut.

2. A lot of people still cannot accept the real Emma Watson; they consider her to be the all grown up Hermione

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As this woman pointed out, getting a tattoo was a very unlikely thing for Hermione to do, but she missed the fact that we’re not talking about a fictional girl, but for a real woman.

3. Some users began to realize it was a temporary tattoo

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Eventually someone decided to look at the new tattoo in detail. He noticed that it was not a real tattoo and pretty much decided the debate about it.

4. Nobody spotted the mistake at first, but then it became even more discussed than the tattoo itself

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When the initial shock of the tattoo’s presence on her forearm faded away, the comments took a slightly different direction after someone spotted a tiny error in the writing. As it turned out, the apostrophe that was supposed to be present in the tattoo was missing – a mistake that her character Hermione would have never allowed to happen!

5. The jokes about Hermione’s zero tolerance for such mistakes were only beginning to emerge

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People kept joking about the tattoo but they missed the fact that most certainly the actress was not the one who designed it in the first place.

6. The missing apostrophe was not the point after all

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The mistake was pretty small and it allowed to be added later, but since it’s on a world-famous celebrity’s body, it created such a fuss. However, the Internet trolls did not spare Emma Watson and the comments about the mistake pretty much covered all possible areas, especially her intelligence, which was particularly rude. Another Twitter user defended the young actress by pointing out the meaning behind the tattoo, which was far greater than the spelling. Of course, the ink was related to her role as a humanitarian advocate. Anyone who was familiar with her social activity and participation in different projects had probably figured out what the tattoo represented; it was there to show the support Emma Watson had for the “Time’s Up” movement, formed in addition to #MeToo.

7. All the comments in the world would not change the fact that Emma Watson is one the sweetest, humble and talented celebrities today

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Her support for literacy, feminism and education for girls is remarkable and she even became a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador because of her devotion to these causes.

8. As you would expect, the majority of people obviously did not get it and all they were concerned about was that missing apostrophe

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Before everyone began to judge, they probably had to try and figure out what was the tattoo really about, but it was obviously easier to throw sticks and stones at Emma.

9. While a lot of people pretended to be experts on grammar, they completely missed the bigger picture

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The young actress had been speaking about the gender equality issues for years and that what the fact what really mattered here.

10. She posted about the “Time’s Up’ movement in January immediately after it was founded

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She said that the movement was created by people who have been affected by the problem and this was one of the reasons it should spread across the globe.

11. The actress showed her support once again yesterday

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Yesterday she posted a photo about International Women’s Day; the picture showed her wearing a cool jacket which had “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights” written on the back.

12. Despite everything wonderful about the sweet Emma Watson, people kept pointing their fingers at her

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Some users decided that it was a good idea to mock the actress about her hairstyle, which was more than inappropriate, but it got to a point where it even distracted the attention from the tattoo.

13. If all you could see is that her hair was cut, then too bad for you.

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Even it wasn’t the best hairstyle choice for her, why were people still trying to point it out? Such comments were completely unnecessary; the looks were not the most important thing here.

14. Despite her hair, Emma Watson was still looking glamorous

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If any of us decided to get the same type of haircut, we would probably look like a complete disaster, but not Emma – she looked stunning as usual.

15. The way Emma Watson looks is her own choice and we must accept it

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As we already mentioned – it is not the looks that defy you, it is what you do that’s important, and Emma’s activities turn her into one of the most admirable persons alive.

16. Emma Watson had the final word, of course, and it was too funny

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The actress was apparently aware of the controversy and responded to the ordeal in style.

It takes a brilliant sense of humor and a great personality to laugh at your own mistakes, and her response could not be better. It seems that the Internet trolls once again dived in some completely unnecessary gossip for literally nothing.

Written by Nick Martin

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