Future Bride Filmed Herself Drinking Poison And Sent It To Her Ex After He “Blackmailed Her”

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Being engaged should be one of the happiest times of one’s life. Sadly, a young woman from Rohini, India wasn’t as happy as she arguably should have been. Nisha Devidas poisoned herself just 10 days before her marriage to an unnamed man.

She actually filmed herself drinking a cup full of a black liquid, and she sent the clip to her fiancé before she died. The video was made at her home.

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She was allegedly being blackmailed by her fiancé, at least according to the woman’s brother; that resulted in her tragic decision to take her own life.

The brother Ravi, in a statement to the area’s local media, said that his sister was due to marry on the 4th of February of this year. The man she was supposed to marry, according to Ravi, “used her” and then started blackmailing her. She apparently felt “fed up” as well as “defeated”. The brother insists that the fiancé should arrested immediately for the part he played in Nisha’s death.

It seems as if police are investigating what happened; however, we don’t know if the fiancé has been investigated yet.
Nisha’s body was discovered by an unnamed person. She was rushed to an area hospital, but she was dead on arrival.

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We don’t know exactly how the fiancé was allegedly blackmailing Nisha. It may have been related to a sexual relationship between the bride-to-be and her fiancé, but nothing is known for sure at this point.

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Nisha apparently didn’t have the best relationship with her fiancé; that said, she’s not the first woman to take her own life shortly before her wedding.

Back in June 2013, a 35-year-old West Yorkshire woman actually ended up hanging herself in her home just weeks before her wedding because she was afraid of being the center of attention at her nuptials. Previously, she had been suffering from depression. A couple of months before her death, her anxiety issues resurfaced.

The woman’s name was Leanne Baker, and she had told her family that she was worried about her wedding, which was to be held abroad. However, she didn’t seem to have any qualms about spending the rest of her life with her fiancé.

She actually tried to overdose on drugs the month before her wedding, but seemed to be getting better after treatment—according to her family. She still had suicidal thoughts due to anxiety over her future wedding. Her fiancée left Leanne at home to visit his mother, and when he returned she had hanged herself.

According to the coroner in the case, Leanne was fully aware of her action’s consequences. She knew she was taking her own life.

Weddings and marriage can apparently be stressful to both sexes. Back in 2011, a 28-year-old man named Fernando Brazier actually threw himself into a river mere hours after marrying his long-term girlfriend. He left her a note at the hotel. In it, he told the new bride where his body could be located. The body was later found in the Harlem River. There were no indications of foul play in regard to his tragic death.

The deceased and his bride had been a couple since they were teenagers. They had two daughters. Allegedly, Fernando had been suffering from depression and had even gone to counseling with his fiancée. Those who attended the wedding ceremony stated that Fernando, who was a security guard, looked perfectly happy as he danced with his wife and daughters. The next morning, Fernando claimed to be going out for a walk. He got in a cab and didn’t return.

I suppose all of this should remind us that people may not be as happy as they appear. People are clearly very skilled at hiding their depression from loved ones. If you’re feeling low, please talk to a friend, a mental health professional, or a trusted religious adviser. If you even having the inkling that a loved one might be depressed, talk to him or her. You may not be in the proper position to offer the kind of help needed, but your concern may make a very crucial difference.

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