Guy Proposed To His GF Using Chicken Nuggets (The Best Proposal Ever)

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When one pictures a marriage proposal, there is usually a diamond ring involved. The man is typically on bended knee.

Other people decide to take a different route when offering a commitment that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Kristian Helton, however, decided to propose to Karsyn Long with a box of chicken nuggets, which was purchased at McDonald’s.

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He told the media that the woman in question’s love for chicken nuggets is probably greater than her love for him. We’re assuming he was just making a bit of a joke.
Long has, according to him, devoted “her life” to chicken nuggets; therefore, they simply had to be a part of the engagement.

Karsyn Long replied by saying that she does indeed “like chicken nuggets” a lot. Therefore, she understood why he thought that using nuggets would be the best way to propose.

Helton actually put a ring inside a chicken nugget, and also inside was a note that asked her to marry him. He wanted her to “McMarry” him.

Image Source: Kristian Helton / Facebook

Long did not hesitate to answer; as she put it: he is obviously the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Helton jokingly pointed out that if you have a girlfriend that loves chicken nuggets, you should propose to her using chicken nuggets—which seems like good advice for all you future grooms out there.

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We have no idea what’s in store regarding the wedding itself. We can only speculate. Will they be serving McRib sandwiches at the reception? Time will tell.

Proposing via chicken nuggets really isn’t that strange—not when you think about it. After all, people propose in all sorts of funny ways. For example, one engagement relied on the help of Mario, from the Super Mario Brothers video game series. A woman proposed to her man in that case—asking him to be her player 2. If you’re a bit of a geek, you know how adorable that is. He accepted the proposal. He then pointed out that he wanted to be player 1.

In another case, a man proposed to a woman using live-action roleplay, which is also known as LARP. According to the woman, her boyfriend put himself in the position where she—the hero—needed to save him from what she described as a “terrible” evil.

Super Mario Brothers has actually been used a surprising number of times to propose marriage. One guy decorated walls in the style of the series, played the theme, and even put the ring in a “prize box” above his soon-to-be fiancée’s head. There were even fireworks—the kind seen at the end of levels in the game series—to celebrate. Her friends and family were there to watch her say “yes” to the proposal.

One of the more interesting proposals we’ve learned about is the story of a man named Lawrence, who took his girlfriend on a roller coaster ride. It wasn’t until she looked at the ride’s souvenir photographs that she realized that friends of her groom-to-be were holding up signs—asking her to marry her fiancé.

People propose in all sorts of interesting ways, which sort of makes the whole bended knee thing seem sort of lame. One guy, an independent video game developer, actually used the Pokémon game to propose to his girlfriend. There was even a Poke Ball engagement ring. They were set to marry in May of 2017.
The chicken nugget proposal was pretty cool, really, and we wish Kristian and Karsyn a lifetime of love and laughter.

We mentioned McRibs earlier. Guests at the upcoming nuptials are probably hoping they’ll be served at the wedding reception. After all, those sandwiches are not terribly easy to get in a lot of places around the world. There is actually a website out there devoted to helping people find the popular barbeque sandwiches.

McDonald’s first put out the McRib in 1981, and it did not sell well. In 1985, it was removed from the menu. It was brought back in 1989; in many places, it was on the menu until around 2005. Since then, it has only been available for limited periods of time every year in most locations—although it appears to be available for purchase year-round in Germany.

Interestingly enough, the McRib was only developed because of a chicken shortage. For a while, McDonald’s was having a tough time getting enough chicken to produce their famous chicken nuggets. The nuggets were just too well received when introduced back in the late 1970’s.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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