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Hollywood Celebs Didn’t Like Ricky Gervais Roasting Them With His Golden Globes Monologue

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We guess that everyone knows just what kind of an event the Golden Globes is. It is one of those award ceremonies that offer the kind of tribune popular enough to send a powerful message. Being the kind of event that covers international film and TV productions, its audience is really big, not to mention that the Golden Globes have been around for 75 years, meaning that people expect every edition to be an epic one. This year everyone’s expectations were probably met because the host really outdid himself! Ricky Gervais, the world-famous English actor and comedian, was once again the leading figure of the ceremony, just like in the four previous editions.

This time, however, things did not go as smooth as Gervais probably thought, which is the reason why the audience probably loved every bit of it! The comedian had little to no regard for anyone or anything, as he gave a speech that was more intriguing than all of his previous attempts. It became apparent that it was the fifth and last time he stood there as the Golden Globes host (or was he joking about that, huh?), which definitely made him speak out loud and joke with whatever he thought was appropriate. He made it clear that he could not care less about the ceremony, but he also basically stated the same about the organizers of the event.

1. This is Ricky Gervais

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This is hardly a surprise to anyone, but we should mention that Gervais’ humor is not one that is accepted by everyone. In fact, he is a controversial figure and people either love or despise him. You can bet that many of his colleagues would probably choose not to argue with him, or they risk ending up being part of some of his jokes. And jokes are what he does best, with the bigger part of them being sassy or just plain offensive.

2. Some people were not happy to see this speech

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Some of the people who saw Gervais opening the ceremony were furious over the things he had to say. This tweet compares the comedian to a bully, and while some might agree, we need to point out that all of the things he said were jokes, even though he probably thinks the same way in real life about different parts of it.

3. Gervais received back-up from a colleague

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Whitney Cummings, a stand-up comedian, decided to use Twitter in order to defend her colleague. She tweeted a few times because she definitely had something to say about the speech. It seems that her fans were also fans of Gervais, as they even stated that the seven minutes of Gervais’ jokes were definitely not enough for them. We actually agree with that, as it was quality humor to see and hear!

4. Cummings really knew how to support Gervais

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The stand-up comedian specifically mentioned that she had no intention to follow the whole award ceremony live, but as soon as she saw how the live audience reacted, she immediately knew that Gervais had outdone himself one more time. Well, he did, and many of the celebs in the audience were either outraged or pissed about everything he said in just a little over seven minutes.

5. This is the best defense

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Here is another tweet that Cummings decided to throw at everyone who wanted to express that they despise Gervais for being so mean. He actually donated a lot to animal welfare worldwide, and this has got nothing to do with his line of work. He can say whatever he wants, but it does not make him a mean person. Gervais is cool and we know it.

6. Greg Price also had something to say

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Well, he actually chose a way to show it, as you can see below! He added one of the most popular funny images for 2019 and made it work with what Gervais did at the Golden Globes. It is actually brilliant and it describes what happened in the best possible way! We love this and we will definitely share it here and there.

7. The celebrity roast

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Lauren Chen had a really cool way of describing just how awesome the host was the other night! It is worth seeing one more time for sure! Gervais said he doesn’t care, and we believe him because you could easily tell that he doesn’t! He roasted many of the rich and famous in a manner that not everyone could handle, but since he is a professional, it was a real pleasure to see!

8. The facial expression

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Another of the brilliant ways that can be used to describe how people accepted Gervais’ speech is probably this image. It shows the facial expression Tom Hanks had during most of the speech. It definitely sums up the mixed feelings he must have felt while hearing everything the comedian had to say. He appears to be baffled but there is just a bit of a smile incorporated there, too, and we believe he found it funny despite being scandalous.

9. The caption

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If we had to choose a caption for the speech Gervais gave, this would be it! Gervais actually pulled off the kind of thing that you do not see every day. No late-night show would come up with stuff like this, and this is one of the reasons we are fans of this brilliant comedian. It seems that we are not the only fans of him, too!

10. The important role

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Here is another opinion that we could all agree upon! It states something that should be discussed more than it currently is. Most celebs probably think that nobody should make fun of them like that because of their VIP status, but every now and then they probably need a reminder that it not so and they are only human, just like the rest of us. This, of course, means that they should be able to take a joke because they are professionals.

11. The conclusion

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Gervais might be a controversial figure but there is one thing that is quite certain about him. He always knows how to make people talk, and he could not care less about criticism. A truly brilliant comedian!

Written by Sven Miller

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