‘ISIS Would’t Exist If Saddam Husein Was Alive’ Claims The CIA Agent Who Interrogated Him

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Eleven years ago, Saddam Hussein was executed. He had been convicted of crimes against humanity. The main crimes leading to this outcome was when he had 148 Iraqis killed in Dujail, after a failed assassination attempt.

Saddam Hussein was born in Tikrit on April 27, 1937 to parents who were shepherds.

Saddam came to power on paper in 1979, though he had been acting as the head of Iraq for many years already. He held back many movements, such as Shi’a and the Kurdish, who were seeking the chance to take over government forces or grab their independence. He also maintained his power in the midst of the Iran/Iraq and Gulf Wars. Many Arabs praised Saddam for opposing America and  attacking Israel.

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He was loathed throughout the world for the brutality of his presidency. The people murdered in his missions and genocides is  estimated to be 250,000 on the low side. Probably many more.

Hussein’s Death is widely regarded, however,  to be the catalyst that destabilized the region.

Now retired, British general Julian Thompson says that the invasion escalated the situation. As told to Channel 4. He said Saddam Hussein was an unpleasant man but he could have been able to keep order over the extremists and it would be in the best interest from a strategy point of view that he had been able to remain there.

The Iraqi invasion was pushed by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and American President George Bush. Even though there was great pushback, demonstrations, even, protesting against this move, the two world leaders insisted on moving forward. They believed that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, even though there wasn’t any concrete evidence supporting the claims. A report released since them proves it was untrue.

The Chilcot Report proves that Tory Blair lied the the United States about the supposed weapons, therefore causing an invasion that was unnecessary.

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John Nixon, an interrogator with the CIA was tasked with questioning Saddam Hussein, and he maintains that if the dictator was still living, ISIS would have never come to power at all.

It’s well known and unarguable that Hussein was a man who did great harm and killed innocent people, but he kept the extremists at bay. They might have never had the chance to grow and rise like they have with him gone.

Nixon had a lot to say about the fallen leader. He said that even though he did many horrible things, he was good about reining in the religious extremists. He ascertains that the removal of Saddam Hussein did Iran a favor. They wouldn’t have been able to infiltrate into the region if he was still in power.

He described the man as very fascinating. An anomaly of sorts, who could be funny and charismatic one minute, but cold and sarcastic the next. He also said that Hussein could be pretty scary and he was good at sizing people up.

Interrogation was a hard thing to do due to the suspicious and sneaky nature of the man. It always seemed like he was lying, according to Nixon

During the interrogation, Nixon did find out that Saddam Hussein was shocked by the reaction to 9/11 by the U.S. He thought it would show the United States that they shared a common enemy, Sunni Islamic extremists. He never thought that they would decide to place the blame on Iraq and start a war based on untruths and misconceptions.

Ironic that the war was supposed to help end terrorism, but its only made it worse. Al Queda didn’t have the reach to do near the damage that ISIS has done.

Iraq had nothing to do with the horrific attacks on America on September 11, 2001. There are two main schools of thought;  Saudi Arabia is responsible, that’s the official version told by the United States Government. Then there are those who wholeheartedly believe the entire attack was performed by or  by the US Government.

Hussein blew the mind of John Nixon by revealing that what we thought as a nation, was untrue. Iraq was not a terrorist hotbed, he said.  He also held that there was no relationship between Iraq and Osama bin Laden. He laid to rest the rumors about weapons of mass destruction and insisted that they were not a threat to neighboring regions.

He went on to elaborate that it was never even discussed to even want to obtain and use chemical weapons. He insisted that nobody of sound mind would even imagine it. It was clear that the American government had gotten it completely wrong.

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that most of the world thinks of the war in Iraq as a debacle that caused more of the very problems it claimed to be fighting to eradicate.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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