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James Damore, Fired Engineer, Is Suing Google For Discrimination Over Being Conservative, Male, and White

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You’ve likely heard about James Damore, but if you haven’t, he was an engineer for the tech giant Google; he was fired back in August as the result of his decision to post a sexist memo on Google’s internal message board. In the post, he argued that are less capable of engineering as a result of their gender, and that’s why there aren’t as many women in technology as men. Essentially, he was critical of Google for promoting and pushing diversity for its own sake.

Many of us live in places where you can be terminated from your job for almost any reason; if you say the wrong thing (especially if you’re foolish enough to put it in writing), you can be and probably will be terminated. So really, Google terminating Damore doesn’t come as a huge surprise. He expressed a viewpoint they didn’t like, so he was let go! That probably could have been the end of the story, but Damore refused to let it be the end of the story.

A class action lawsuit has been filed by Damore against Google, and as a result it now seems that Google is truly developing a reputation for being intolerant of conservatives, especially white male ones. To prove the company’s bias against conservatives, Damore included 100 pages of internal Google documents in his lawsuit filing. Those documents, at least in his mind, prove that conservatives are punished and belittled at the company.

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The lawsuit states that managers at Google actually went so far as to make blacklists of their conservative employees. The managers, according to the lawsuit, won’t work with those employees.

Allegedly, there’s also a list of conservative-leaning people who simply aren’t allowed to visit Google’s campus. One of them is Alex Jones, the right-leaning radio show host who is also a conspiracy theorist.

Finally, the lawsuit alleges that the firing of Damore (and also another plaintiff named David Gudeman) was discriminatory in nature.

While most Google employees are male and either Caucasian or Asian, the lawsuit alleges that Google promotes diversity in an illegal fashion; it is, so the lawsuit claims, discriminating against the majority in order to appear more diverse.

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Last year, Google was accused of pay discrimination against women by the US Department of Labor; in fact, there was been a class action suit filed by a group of three women who worked for Google and believed they were being paid less than their male counterparts. It was filed last September, but was dismissed in December. A revised suit has been refiled, and a fourth woman joined the class action suit.

Obviously, Google has denied charges that they discriminate against women salary-wise.

The internal screenshots of Google message boards are indeed sort of troubling. For example, a senior vice-president even admitted that people working there were afraid to reveal who they voted for—if they were republicans, that is. There was also a mention of “bigoted white men”. In addition, a manager floated the idea of creating a list of people who make it more difficult for the company to be diverse.

It has also been alleged that Google tolerates so-called ‘alternative’ lifestyles (e.g., transgenderism and polygamy) and even sort of promotes them by maintaining internal mailing lists for those interested in those lifestyles; however, the suit alleges that Google isn’t nearly as tolerant of those who want to live a more
‘traditional’ life.

In case you’re wondering about the second plaintiff in the lawsuit, he was fired about reacting skeptically to a Muslim co-worker who claimed to be worried for his safety as a result of Donald J. Trump getting elected. The Muslim co-worker claimed that he had been targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations just for being Muslim; on internal message boards, Gudeman raised questions about just exactly why the co-worker was being investigated by the FBI. He was fired shortly thereafter, as Google seemed to think he had accused his co-worker of terrorism.

Naturally, Google won’t admit any wrongdoing or admit that it is biased against conservatives. A spokesperson for the company merely said that the company looks forward to defending itself in court.

The firing of Mr. Damore last summer was the subject of a lot of talk, and some in Silicon Valley believed he should have been fired before he was. Technically, he was fired by Google for promoting harmful gender stereotypes. But as we’ve already said, the former engineer believes there was a lot more at play in regard to his firing. Shortly after his termination, he actually went on a number of talk shows and discussed his experiences at Google, comparing working there as a conservative to being gay back in the 1950’s.

So is Google, the internet tech company so many of us rely on to do our internet searches, as biased against conservatives as the law suit claims? A lot of people accuse Silicon Valley as a whole as being biased against conservatives, just as the mainstream media in the United States is often accused of being left-leaning.

Well, it is tough to swallow the idea that it is biased against men, considering almost 70 percent of workers there are male. Almost 60 percent are Caucasian. How many of those white men are conservative, though? Well, if you listen to Mr. Damore’s claims, probably more than you’d think, but they’re apparently far too afraid to reveal their political preferences for fear of being ostracized and/or fired.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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