The best Life Hack to get FREE Starbucks for life

There’s an actual way to get Starbucks coffee and other beverages completely free of charge for the rest of your lifetime! And here’s how to do it.

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If you thought you were the biggest Starbucks fan out there and that you would do anything just so you could get your favorite drink for free, think again – somebody has already done the unimaginable.
A Starbucks barista, who has been identified only as Brad, just shared the ultimate secret with the media. The British Metro reported one quite annoying, and yet incredibly smart, Starbucks customer, who has been visiting Brad every single day. That’s right, the unnamed guy has been drinking Starbucks coffee each day and all of his beverages have been free of charge. So, how was he able to cheat the system and make Brad serve him free coffee? The answer is simple – gift cards. Just like tons of other multi-international companies, Starbucks also offers gift cards and even has special offers to those customers, who register their birth date. All you have to do in order to get a free drink from the coffee shop chain is buy a cheap gift card, register your name and birthday and wait for the staff to serve you your free coffee.

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That smart customer in question has bought a total of 365 gift cards and has registered a different birth date with each of them, so that he could get free beverages for a whole year. Brad has been serving this customer for quite a while and even though the guy is an annoying customer and is cheating the system, the barista can’t do anything about it. The man can get away with free drinks for the rest of his lifetime!

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