Man Gets Revenge On His Girlfriend By Taking A Selfie While She Cheats

Image Source: @Marian0Nicolas/Twitter

A man from Buenos Aries, Brazil managed to catch his girlfriend cheating on him and also get a selfie with the girlfriend while she was kissing another man.

Mariano, who is from Quilmes, went out for a night without the girlfriend. He did not know that the girlfriend would be at the party he attended. While at the party, he saw his girlfriend giving a kiss to another man.

The girlfriend, who clearly did not know what was happening, was caught in action in a selfie.

Mariano, who is 20 years old, captioned the picture by saying that his girlfriend—now his ex-girlfriend—did not realize that she attended the same party he did.

Unsurprisingly, he decided to post the picture via Twitter—so the world could see it. Naturally, the post went viral. There were over 17,000 comments and also about 68,000 ‘likes’. He added that ‘dignity donations’ would be accepted.

Mariano took things a bit further, and he decided to post a screenshot of his girlfriend attempting to explain what had transpired.

According to her, she was very drunk. Also, the “fatty” was very insistent. He apparently told her “loads of things”. According to her, she does not know how things got to that point. She told Mariano that she loves him and wants to be with him.

In the message that follows, Mariano replied that his now-ex could have made a bit more of an effort. He followed that with a laughing-crying emoji.

Thousands of people demonstrated their support for Mariano, and he was happy to thank them for that support. He thanks all of the girls who offered “support photos”, and also thanked all of the “soldiers” for their memes.

As we’ve mentioned, the girlfriend in this case is now an ex-girlfriend. The relationship didn’t exactly work out. They have split.

As a result of social media and camera phones, it is practically impossible to cheat on one’s partner these days, and cheaters should be aware of that. People still attempt to cheat, however.

For example, there is the case of Kirran Girling. He had to witness his girlfriend—Miss Shropshire Emma Pollard—kissing Mike Thalassitis on the program Celebs Go Dating.

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He used to Twitter to confront the woman, asking her if she had anything that she wanted to tell him. He posted that he was watching television and had to see his girlfriend “snogging” Muggy Mike.

Mike replied by saying that it was Kirran’s girlfriend that “mugged” him off—not him.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Mike Thalassitis, he earned his nickname because he dated several women—including Jess Shears and Olivia Attwood—on the British dating reality program Love Island.

To be clear: cheating (also known as adultery, having an affair, etc.) is a bad thing. Also, it is worth reiterating that it is almost impossible to get away with cheating these days because of social media and cell phone cameras. If you value your romantic relationship at all, do not even consider cheating.

People have been cheating for centuries, however, and it is an unfortunate trend that is unlikely to go away.

Back in the 1950’s, the Kinsey Reports estimated that about 50 percent of men and 25 percent of women had committed adultery. Another source reported that roughly one third of married men and 25 percent of women had engaged in adultery.

A survey in 1990 reported that over two percent of married people admitted to having more than one sexual partner in the previous year. According to studies, infidelity rates amongst women tend to increase as the woman gets older and the relationship progresses. Women tend to cheat the most during their seventh year of marriage.

People cheat for a variety of reasons, of course. Men tend to do so when they are not fulfilled sexually; however, women tend to do so when they’re not fulfilled emotionally by their partner. Dissatisfaction with one’s marriage is the primary reason people cheat.

If people seem to be cheating more these days, surveys and research show that it may be the result of the availability of sex chat rooms and “cheating” websites.

Having your partner cheat on you is known to lead to stress, depression, and anxiety.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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