Man Marries Biological Daughter, His Ex-Wife Speaks About It

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We all know that life has a strange way of turning things around, and quite often people find themselves in unbelievable situations. No matter how you describe it, Alyssa Pladl has a story to tell that is hard to believe, and it just feels wrong in so many ways—but you should decide for yourself.

Alyssa’s ex-husband Steven impregnated their daughter who they gave up for adoption 20 years ago. She contacted them when she turned 18 and soon started an intimate relationship with Steven.

Now, Alyssa has decided to speak about the whole thing and the moment she learned about it.

Alyssa was 17 when she gave birth to Katie, and Steven was 22. For whatever reason, they thought that they could not care for their baby and gave her up for adoption. They then moved on with their life as a couple, having two more kids. When Katie turned 18, she decided she wanted a reunion with her biological mother and father, and she was able to find them.

She even moved with the two of them, spending a few months living in their home in Henrico. Katie even began calling them Mom and Dad—according to Alyssa’s story.

Alyssa had absolutely no idea about what exactly was going on between Steven and Katie—a sexual relationship had actually been initiated behind her back. Alyssa found out when she saw the journal of one of her younger daughters.

The journal contained drawings of the pregnant Katie, and Alyssa also found out that Steven wanted his younger daughters to call Katie “step-mom”.

The woman had no other choice but to demand protective orders against her now ex-husband in order for him to not be able to be near her or their two younger girls. Alyssa is convinced that Steven managed to brainwash Katie and to manipulate her.

She recalls how she was able to learn details about the relationship from her daughter—who was only 11 years old at the time. The little girl stayed with Katie and Steven; she witnessed them kissing, and she then wrote what she saw in her diary.

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One of the entries in the journal said that Katie was pregnant and her father felt like he was in a real relationship. The girl also wrote that they probably were drunk the night Katie got pregnant and that her father was a “slut”. Steven is even referred to as “Satan” by his young daughter.

Alyssa obviously has a lot of reasons to find it hard to describe what exactly she felt. She said that she was disgusted by the whole thing and felt betrayed.

The 37-year-old woman said that Steven destroyed the opportunity she had to reconnect with her daughter.

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Alyssa is certain that Katie is the victim in this story and that she needs help. The devastated mother thinks that her daughter must organize her life in a new way and make the child her main priority.

Katie is now twenty years old—and she even married Steven after he and Alyssa divorced at the end of 2016. The newlyweds even shared photos on social media that picture them hugging by a lake, and Katie is clearly pregnant. There is a date on some of the photos, and in other pictures the couple poses with some of the guests.

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Alyssa claims that the wedding was official, which is strange because it was also illegal. They simply neglected to mention the fact that they were connected in the way they are. The woman cannot help but wonder how could there be a celebration of an incestuous wedding.

However, Steven and Katie’s true relationship was disclosed, so they were arrested on the 27th of January. Charges against them include incest, contributing to delinquency, and adultery. The 4-month-old baby was with them during the arrest. The child was born in September of last year.

If they are found guilty of all charges, the pair faces a ten-year prison sentence.

Steven actually managed to raise the $1 million bail that was set for him, but Katie remains in North Carolina’s Wake County Detention Centre. The couple will be extradited back to Virginia, because that is where the crimes happened.

The judge apparently has a tough decision to make, because it is within his power to decide whether all of this is wrong due to ethics and religion—or due to science and the higher risk of birth defects; regardless, such actions are illegal, so there should be an appropriate verdict. It is probably obvious that if two adults engaged in a sexual relationship while knowing that it was against the law in most places, they will likely be found guilty.

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