Murdered Alabama Mother Led A Double Life And Had An Explicit Subscription Website

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No matter what you’re doing online—with the possible exception of looking at videos of cute animals on video sharing sites—you need to be careful. The internet can be a dangerous place and can expose you to precarious situations.

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Sadly, 42-year-old Dawn Martin West hadn’t learned that lesson. Calling herself Kitty Kat West online, the married mother from Alabama lived a double life; she was an online exhibitionist who charged people almost 16 dollars ($15.99, to be specific) to follow her on her website. On Saturday morning, she was found dead outside of the four-bedroom house she shared with her family. The home is in Calera, Alabama.

Her body was bleeding from the head and was face down. She was wearing nothing more than a sports bra. She was found by a neighbor, who reported that there was a cellular phone near Dawn’s body. Intentionally placed upon the phone was a bottle of liquor.

Police are refusing to discuss the case because an investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made at this point.

It seems as if Dawn truly was leading a double life. On the subscription website, she posted sexually explicit photographs of herself. She encouraged her hundreds of Twitter followers to subscribe to the site. However, neighbors described Dawn as a quiet woman, saying that she and her family kept to themselves. She seemed truly ordinary to those who knew her and lived close to her.

Image Source: Facebook

She was often seen mowing the lawn of her family home and apparently had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe.
Dawn’s last tweet was made the night before she was found dead.

No one in the area reported any commotion at the home of Dawn and her family on the night of her death or the morning after.

Dawn has a 12-year-old daughter. It is unknown whether or not the girl was in the house when her mother died. Her husband, who is apparently in the military, is refusing to comment regarding his wife’s death; it is also unknown if he was home at the time of Dawn’s death.

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Dawn was an active social media user—like so many of us—and while she would post relatively explicit photographs of herself once in a while, most photos were of her with her husband and daughter.

Her subscription site, however, was anything but innocent. There were hundreds of NSFW photographs on it, as well as a couple of videos. She would use Twitter to tease her fans, encouraging them to check out the new pictures she uploaded.

Image Source: Twitter

The neighbor who found Dawn isn’t speaking to the press, but her father has said that she found Dawn in the morning and then rushed inside to get help from her father. He called 911 when he realized that Dawn wasn’t breathing. It was a noble effort on his part, but tragically it was too late. Dawn was dead.

At the moment, there are a lot of questions, but very few answers regarding the case of the death of the woman who called herself Kitty Kat West online. The presence of the cell phone, upon which a liquor bottle was intentionally and strategically placed, obviously suggests foul play of some sort, not suicide. Furthermore, it seems highly unlikely anyone would kill themselves while wearing only a sports bra. Her attire, or lack thereof, is indicative of sexual assault.

We don’t know for sure, however. It seems probable that someone who followed Dawn on Twitter and subscribed to her website killed her—but even if that turns out to be the case, why? Did her fan want Dawn to run away with him? Only time will tell. For now, her unfortunate death remains a mystery.

It should be noted that police are treating her death as a homicide, but they have not indicated whether or not her online presence contributed to her untimely end.

Kitty Kat West’s mother, Nancy Martin, made a statement regarding her daughter’s death. In it, she asked for prayers and spoke of God’s ability to bring solace and healing during the darkest of times. She called her daughter a “cherished wife” and a “loving mother” to her daughter. She said that she knows of the negativity surrounding the death, but all she hears are the good things about the daughter she loved very much.

The family has set up an online donation page to help pay for Dawn’s funeral.

We’ve talked a lot lately about how porn stars seem to be dying at an alarming rate lately. While running an exhibitionist website isn’t technically porn, it is more or less akin. In a way, Dawn’s yet another victim of an industry that seemingly has no qualms about exploiting people for their looks and their bodies.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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