New York Officials Confirmed That There Are 3 People Injured In The Trump Tower Fire

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Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, was not present when the tower named after him and his family caught fire on the morning of January 8th, 2018.

The fire, which was the result of the building’s heating and air conditioning systems, did injure three people. Smoke was seen billowing from the tower’s roof. A firefighter as well as two civilians ended up having to be treated as a result of the blaze, which took an hour to put out.

Mr. Trump, the billionaire reality television star and businessman who stunned the world by managing to defeat dozens of politicians to become President of the United States, was nowhere near the building in which he has an apartment and has also been a home to him and his family. He was reportedly in Washington and at the White House, where the presidents of the United States generally reside.

Naturally, emergency crews worked hard to combat the flames, which were first noticed shortly before sunrise on Monday.
It was actually the United States Secret Service—a United States Federal Law Enforcement Agency tasked with the protection of the President and Vice-President—that first noticed the fire at Trump Tower. The building’s management was notified, and firefighters were called; they managed to handle the situation rather quickly. While the blaze was extinguished within an hour, a firefighter was injured, as were two civilians.

While the cause of the fire is being investigated by the Fire Department of New York City, it is believed that is was nothing more than an electrical fire. The Trump Organization even emailed the Washington Post about the blaze, stating just that; the organization also praised the fire department of the city, saying that it did “an exceptional job”.
A son of the President, Eric Trump, used social media to reassure American citizens that the fire wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and therefore worthy of concern. The President’s son called the men and women who work for the fire department of New York City heroes and worthy of thanks.

It is unknown at this time whether or not any member of the President’s family was at Trump Tower when the fire started; however, every member of the family is currently accounted for. The electrical fire in one of Trump Tower’s cooling towers did no harm to the first family of the United States of America. While it has been reported that there were flames coming out of its vents, there wasn’t any smoke or fire inside of the luxury building.

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It is important to remember that those injured as a result of the blaze are dealing with injuries that don’t threaten their lives.

Trump Tower, which is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, is where Donald John Trump made it known that he was running for the Presidency of the United States in 2015, and it was also his personal home for decades. He used it as a headquarters when running the Trump Organization, and it was also the site of his presidential campaign.

Image Source: NBC

President Trump hasn’t been a regular visitor to the place he once called home since being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, and he is rarely seen in New York City these days. Trump Tower is actually regularly chosen as a place to protest his election and position as the American president.

While smoke bid billow over the skyline of Manhattan as a result of the fire, there is absolutely no reason to believe that it was anything more a simple building malfunction. Again, it was quickly put under control, and those injured will almost definitely be fine.

For the information of those living under a rock, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in November of 2016. He took the Oath of Office in January of 2017. No one really expected the reality television star to be able to beat the other Republican candidates in the primaries, and it was a true shock to most that he managed to win the presidency considering his opponent was Hillary Clinton, a former senator and Secretary of State who is married to one of the more popular American presidents in recent history.

As this is being written, Donald Trump has not yet tweeted about the fire.

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