Puppy Owner Who Punched And Also Slammed Dog’s Head Into Patio Is Jailed For 18 Weeks

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A woman was caught slamming a little dog’s head onto a concrete patio—and also punching the creature—out of anger; the incident was captured on video.

The woman’s name is Joanne Hosking. She is 41 years old, and she is from St Ives in Cornwell.

She allegedly blamed the dog for spilling her coffee.

The dog’s name is Edie, and she is a female Jack Russell Terrier.

The unfortunate incident occurred last July. Hosking ended up being jailed for 18 weeks. She admitted to causing unnecessary suffering.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the dog—described as “innocent”—was picked up to shoulder height and then slammed to the concrete patio twice. The 12-month-old dog was also punched by Hosking.

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Footage was shown to the court; it depicted Edie limping and moaning while in a garden after being beaten. At one point, the canine might have been unconscious.

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According to veterinary evidence, the dog suffered from a hip injury for seven days and was likely in terrible pain.

The dog would eventually need an operation in order to remove part of the affected joint.

Hosking—who has four children—and her 45-year-old husband Christopher have been banned from ever keeping an animal again for the rest of their lives.

Both admitted that they failed to provide veterinary care to the dog last July.

It was the RSPCA that actually prosecuted the case, and when doing so the organization showed a neighbor’s video of the sad incident. On July 10th of last year, the neighbor noticed that something “untoward” was happening in Hosking’s garden; as a result, the neighbor started filming.

It has been reported that the neighbor was “extremely distressed” before making the choice to phone police as well as the RSPCA.

At first, Hosking claimed that the dog had fallen from a table. A veterinarian would later say that the dog’s injuries could not have been sustained in such a fashion.

The neighbor also filmed Hosking’s granddaughter lifting the dog into the house because the terrier could not get up a step from the garden. The neighbor claimed that Edie could not use her left hind leg.

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The magistrates in Bodmin, Cornwell ended up jailing Joanne Hosking for 18 weeks. They said that her actions were deliberately intended to cause the dog suffering. Joanne Hosking’s husband Christopher was given a curfew; the pair was ordered to pay over 1,400 pounds in court costs.

The dog is now in the care of a vet’s nurse from the practice that treated Edie. According to the RSPCA, there were no other signs that Edie was mistreated.

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According to Paul Kempson, an inspector for the RSPCA, the video of the dog being abused turns his stomach. He has apparently had to sit through the video several times, where he had to see the 12-month old dog picked up and slammed to the concrete two times. He had to hear the thud as contact was made.

Paul added that owning a dog is a privilege—it is not a right.

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According to the RSPCA’s website, the organization’s 24-hour cruelty line received over 1,000,000 phone calls in 2016. It employs over 300 inspectors, 50 welfare officers, and almost 90 collection officers. There are almost 150,000 reports of animal cruelty each and every year in England and Wales.

The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 became law in England over a decade ago, not long after it became the law in Wales. As a result of the act of the Parliament, owners of animals are legally required to properly care for them. Owners are, for example, required to provide veterinary care and proper nutrition.

It is considered by many to be the most important piece of legislation regarding animal welfare in the past century.

Animal abuse is also a problem in the United States. According to The Humane Society, cases of animal abuse are underreported, so it is difficult to know how many animals are abused every year. The organization has pointed out, however, that there is a correlation between animal abuse and child abuse. Animals are frequently targeted by the sort of people who abuse their children and their spouses.

In the United States, slightly over 70 percent of abused animals are dogs.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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