Pure Genius: This Guy Pretended To Play UFC Pay-Per-View To Avoid Getting Copyrighted And Became An Internet Hero

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You have to be pretty smart, imaginative and a little bit of a genius to get to stream a pay-per-view live UFC boxing and not get copyrighted. Pretending to play the match as if it was merely a video game is one way to do it, apparently.

US resident AJ Lester did exactly that. He managed to stream UFC 218 until the very end of the match last Saturday night, and he did it successfully on a few platforms, including Twitch. AJ could be seen on the lower right corner of the screen, with a controller one hand. In a Twitter-posted video one could see AJ observing the all so important rematch between Max Holloway and Jose Aldo, while he constantly reacted to the action as if he got the control over it. He suggested that this was his way of ensuring that the live stream would not be cut out.
One thing is for sure – it is a ton of fun!

Image Source: Twitter

The tweet was posted by Aaron (@TheRealSMA) and has been retweeted 67,000 times, while receiving almost 150,000 likes.
AJ streamed a follow-up on Twitch after the match and he said a few words about the “newly-found fame” he gathered. He said that at one point he was forced to turn off the email notifications of his account due to the quickly rising number of his Twitter followers, as well as on other social platforms.

The question whether this stunt was legal or not, or of he is likely to be threaten by recrimination from Twitch, he responded that none of the authorities has contacted him with some sort of accusation. He added that he had already deleted the fight video, but he still got a whole lot of comments under the tweet that suggested that he was not merely a “gamer”, but a pure “genius”.

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Holloway managed to achieve a second win over Aldo in that same fight, stopping him in the end of round three with a few strikes, which was a very similar chain of events to the first match between the two at UFC last June.
Holloway defended his title at the event in Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena for the first time.

When Georges St-Pierre (GSP) made the decision to return, things got dramatic in the UFC 217 and lots of questions began to rise quickly.

He took on middleweight champion Michael Bisping in Madison Square Garden during the main event, although he was the welterweight champion for a long time.

He has not been out on the ring fighting since 2013, when he won over Johny Hendricks with a point advance after a very arguable decision after a situation, which many say that had to be in his opponent’s favor. That same night in Vegas, GSP made the revelation that his personal life had a lot of struggles and that he had to put away his boxing gloves for some time.

As it turned out, it took him four years, but nevertheless, he made one hell of a comeback to the Octagon.
Bisping managed to hit GSP a few times, but he looked much bigger and stronger than four years ago and he shook off those punches before eliminating the champion with a hard counter left.

In the post-fight comments GSP stated that he knew Bisping’s weak points very well by watching videos of him, and that is when he noticed his problem with reacting to shots coming from his right side, so what GSP did is pretend to pass on the left side only to grab his attention and then he hit him on his right side
Clearly this tactic was successful and Bisping was defeated and even more, he was pretty shaken even before GSP defeated him in style.

Bisping, nicknamed “The Count”, went in the Octagon recently after that for UFC Shanghai in order to save the main event of the card.

Kevin Gatelum knocked him out as early as the opening round, and many consider that the winner of the British TUF will probably put an end to his career in fighting after UFC’s return in London, scheduled for 18th of March 2018.

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