Ryan Taylor & Ally Law (Famous YouTubers) broke into the Celebrity Big Brother House

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YouTubers seem to be the newest breed of celebrity, and they get into some pretty crazy situations in order to get likes.

They partake in crazy challenges. They might eat weird things. They will do pretty much any stunt, even dangerous ones to earn a loyal following and get millions of likes.

Recently, YouTube stars Ally Law and Ryan Taylor found themselves in a crazy situation.

The pair broke into the compound where ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is filmed. They are fans of the show and wanted to see the cast members up close and personal.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is one of the many shows in the Big Brother franchise. It has versions in many different countries and it differs from the original in that the housemates are local celebrities.

Law and Taylor are famous for their wild stunts in which they sneak into places where celebrities are and spy on them. They also break in for other reasons, such as doing stunts off hiding out. They share the footage on their YouTube channel and Snapchat.

Image Source: YouTube

When they entered to space where ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ was being filmed, they took footage of Jonny Mitchell, Ashley James, and Ginuwine undetected by any of the crew members.

Ryan wore an orange neon jacket with reflective effects so as to blend in and look like a member of the crew

They filmed from a gap at the top of a staircase, spying Jonny, Johns Barnes and Dapper Laughs from behind while they are in a circle just shooting the breeze.

This is the first time in the show’s 18 year history that outsiders were able to infiltrate the security of their filming compound.

Representatives for Big Brother told that two intruders were detected and caught by the Elstree studios security team. They insisted that the safety of the celebrities, audience and production crew take precedence always.

Speculation from some of their fans on Twitter claimed the pair had almost been arrested.

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They retweeted that the rumors would be addressed, and they were enjoying some Tesco cookies.

Ally kept in touch with fans by stating that the night had been a crazy one. He also said there wouldn’t be a video, but, to stay tuned and it would all make sense eventually.

Image Source: YouTube

He later decided that he would post the footage after all and he implored with his followers to be patient and cited being very busy as the reason for the delay.

The two young men each have more than half a million followers on YouTube. They have done many of these breaking in stunts, including going into the O2 arena while it was closed, sleeping Toys R Us, and going off a diving board on a BMX bike at the Olympic pool.

Ally Law was born in Southampton, England. on February 12, 1997. He is 20 years old and is known mostly for his free climbing and parkour videos, in addition to the break in stunts he does with his friend and YouTube partner Ryan Taylor.

Image Source: YouTube

Ryan Taylor is a professional BMX bike rider, also from England. He was born on March 18, 1993.

The pair is popular together, but each of them also have their own followings.

There is no telling what they’ll get into next.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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