Teen Girl Spends ~$1,500 Of Her Parent’s Money A Month To Look Like ‘A Real Barbie’

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A girl from Prague claims that she spends close to $1,500 of her parents’ money every month with the sole purpose of looking like her favorite Barbie doll. Eighteen-year-old Gabriela Jirackova became obsessed with this idea a couple of years ago, and everything started with blonde hair extensions, oversized eyelashes, lip fillers, and heavy permanent make-up.

The teenager has a collection of 300 Barbie dolls and had her first cosmetic surgery procedure recently—breast implants that increased her size from a C cup to a huge G cup.

But this only the beginning, as she has plans for removing ribs, adding butt implants, and even increasing her breast size once again.

She wants to achieve the perfect look of a “living doll”, and her inspiration came from her collection and other girls who want to become a “live Barbie”.

Image Source: Barcroft Images

Gabriela says that when she saw other people adopting the Barbie image in real life, she immediately thought that such an image suited her; she says she always wanted to stand out from the rest. She added that she does not like natural looks because in today’s world there is almost nothing natural left.

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The girl admits that it takes her more than three hours a day to prepare herself for going out. She says that maintaining such an image is quite a difficult task and this lifestyle is tough—not only physically, but also mentally and financially. Gabriela claims that there is a lot of pressure on her coming from all sides—the fans, the haters, and even the media.

Her main goal now is to increase her breast size even more, as she is strongly inspired by silicone lovers such as Lolo Ferrari and Pixee Fox. Gabriela’s mother is concerned about the potential health issues, though.

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The young girl says that she was always happy with the way she looked and is aware of her natural beauty, but she still likes the artificial image for which she is striving. She also thinks that her mother is happy seeing her achieving her biggest dream—despite being worried about all the surgeries involved in the process.

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Image Source: Barcroft Images

Gabriela’s mother— the 53-year-old Romana Jirackova—says that her daughter told her about her intentions, but it turned out to be more serious than the woman thought it would be. Mrs. Jirackova is concerned about her daughter’s health, but she still respects her choices in life and supports her.

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The girl’s mother added that Gabriela will always be beautiful and no matter how she changes her appearance, she will remain the same person. The important thing, the mother said, is for her daughter to live out her dream.

The real-life Barbie’s first surgery was last September, when she increased her breast size. She said that everything went well and she only felt sick immediately after she woke up after the procedure.

She claims that she feels a lot sexier now. Her improved looks caught the attention of other people pursuing similar goals, like Klara Lima, who became Gabriela’s friend. Klara says she was fascinated about how such a young girl could handle the pressure and make such an immense amount of progress in a short period of time.

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Gabriela considers herself to be a rather positive example for teenagers, despite the fact that not everyone likes her looks or her behavior. She insists that she would never force or encourage her fans to look like her.

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She admits that a lot of mothers consider her to be a bad influence on their own daughters, but she thinks that she is still better than a lot of other famous people who occasionally are involved in scandals with addictive substances or have a public and messy private life.

No matter what the reactions are, Gabriela is certain that she will continue with the cosmetic procedures, knowing that the process could take years or even her whole life. According to her, such a decision will not be a short-term one, and she will not quit improving herself. She is happy with her chosen path and claims to feel even better about herself after every change to her image.

Written by Nick Martin

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