The amazing travelling gnome pranks!

Have you ever wanted to perform a memorable, yet harmless, prank on someone? Here’s your chance! You just have to make sure the person has a garden gnome and that you’ll take off on a journey soon. Here’s how the travelling gnome prank works.
Pack your stuff. Prepare to take off and just before you leave, kidnap the garden gnome. If you wish to, you can leave a note to the owners saying that their gnome is off to see the world.

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Continue with your journey. Take care of the gnome as if he’s your travel buddy. Dress him with souvenir clothes, badges, trinkets. Take pictures with him during your journey. Capture him on camera at famous landmarks, photograph him sight-seeing, and show him the world. The only binding rule is that you have to take pictures of him.
When you get back home, return the garden gnome with the pictures. The owners might have been unhappy that their favorite garden gnome had been stolen, but they’ll be stunned that he’d gotten the chance to see the world.
It’s an amusing way to prank someone and make them remember it!


Written by Sylvia

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