The Rock Said That He Totally Understands Why A Dad Attacked Larry Nassar In Court

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted that he understands what Randall Margraves did in the courtroom during the trial against Larry Nassar.

The Rock shared the story about Margraves, who jumped at Nassar after politely asking permission to do so, but was denied. Randall Margraves is the father of three of Nassar’s victims—who were also present during the incident.

In case you missed the details, here’s what happened. Margraves attempted to hit Nassar in a courtroom in Michigan yesterday the moment after the judge denied the man’s request to be left for just a few minutes alone with the former medic. He was immediately apprehended by the deputies of the sheriff and an attorney. They managed to react within a second and brought the angry man down just before he was about to punch Nassar.

Two of Margraves’ daughters spoke before Judge Janice Cunningham about the sexual abuse they and another sister suffered from Nassar—instead of the medical care it was supposed to be. The girls’ father then told the judge that he was extremely distraught as a father.

Margraves then looked at Nassar, shook his head, and called him a “son of a b—-” while speaking at the courtroom podium. The judge cautioned Margraves against using profanity. Margraves then made a request to the judge, but not before insulting the ex-doctor by calling him a son of a b**ch while shaking his head as he stood on the podium in the court room.

Judge Cunningham warned him about the language he used, and Margraves then asked the judge to provide him with five minutes alone in a room with the disgraced doctor as a part of the doctor’s sentence. He wanted a straight “yes or no” answer and he wanted it immediately.

The judge replied that she could not grant such a thing, to which Margraves replied that even a single minute would be enough, but the judge again replied that he already know she could not offer that; before she could say that this was not the way the legal system worked, Margraves jumped at Nassar, who was sitting a few meters away from him.

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The Rock, who has two kids of his own, was obviously affected by watching the whole thing, and wrote on Twitter that everyone probably understands why this father did what he did. Johnson also said that Nassar would get his real punishment the moment he starts serving his sentence, adding that the other inmates would probably take good care of him in jail for all the things he did.

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The tweet received more than 22,000 likes within the first hours of posting. The star’s fans all agreed with his position and started commenting on his post. One of them wrote that he hopes Margraves does not receive any penalty for his actions in court and added that any parent could relate and understand the anger and pain this father probably felt. Most people would have probably acted similarly.

Another of Johnson’s fans commented that what Margraves did may be considered extreme by some, but anybody who hurts a child should also be hurt. The user added that he would deal with him the same way—even if he was jailed afterwards—because at least one sexual criminal would not be able to physically hurt a child never again.

Yet another comment says that it was a shame that Margraves could get his hands on Lassar, and the user behind the comment also stated how heartbroken he was about all children that got hurt by this criminal.

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The former US gymnastics medic received a 175-year sentence after he was found guilty of the sexual assault and harassment of over 150 girls and women. When Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced him for his crimes, she told him that this sentence was in reality his death warrant. She added that she thinks he still doesn’t completely comprehend what actually happened, stating that he is still a threat and would probably remain one.

When you think about what kind of person it takes to hurt so many innocent souls, there probably isn’t a person that would not support Johnson’s position regarding the whole matter.

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