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There Is A Dog Monopoly Called “Dog-Opoly” That Lets You Buy Your Favorite Dogs Instead Of Property

The occasional Monopoly family night is a tradition among many people, and it is always fun to see how different generations react to the game. But things are about to change, and your perception of the game will become different, because someone decided to put Dog Monopoly on the market.

It seems rather interesting, and maybe sort of ridiculous as a concept, but the reviews are more than satisfying.

The game lets you dive into a new world, and that is a world in which you can have all the dogs you have ever desired. In the real world, it is rather tough to afford a house, not to mention having children and a couple of dogs, especially if you are a student—for example—and you work for minimal wage. Board games like this one are doing a pretty good job in regard to taking one’s mind off the everyday struggle of pet ownership.

Dog-Opoly costs £39.99 in the UK, and the price includes delivery to your home. One of the board game marketing slogans states that you would be wagging your tale non-stop—if you had one—while playing the game. This is a pretty good line, and it got us hooked, just as if you were a dog and someone shook that stick you like in front of you.

The rules of the board game are basically the same as the original Monopoly, except for a few small changes. For starters, you do not become a landlord, but a dog owner instead. If you pass Go Fetch, you receive a $200 bonus, and there is no jail—you get sent to the kennel.

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All the playing pieces and figures are dog themed as expected. There are a variety of objects – a food bowl, a fire hydrant, a scared cat figure, and even a postman figure.

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When the game was released, reviews and comments started piling up. If we take the reviews by Amazon clients for granted, then the verdict if the game is worth it or not is more than clear— Dog-Opoly is reportedly a ton of fun for all ages, and the first 58 reviews give the game what is essentially a 5-star score.

We read many of the comments, and some of them are worth sharing.

One of the comments compares the game to another famous version of Monopoly, which was called Horse-Opoly; the user claims the games offer equally good fun; in that reviewers mind, it was totally worth the money and time spent playing.
Another customer seems to love the slight twist from the original game, saying that the differences are enough to bring a feeling of something fresh while keeping the main rules the same. That reviewer is fascinated by the fact that all playing bits are not plastic, but are instead solid metal cast.

The reviews go on; another satisfied customer claims that the game is not childish at all and is certainly appropriate for all ages. The person describes that despite the initial hesitation whether to buy it or not; it proved to be worth it in the mind of that reviewer, and the whole family enjoyed it a lot on Christmas.

Another user is happy that the game was more than enough to keep the kids busy when it was too cold or wet for them to play outside. That alone is probably enough for most people to buy the thing and keep their fingers crossed that it will work with their offspring, too.

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Yet another user who had experience with Horse-Opoly decided to give Dog-Opoly a try and bought the game. He finds it to be even better, because the fun is equal to other game, but here you have the chance to learn about dog breeds; he or she insists that it definitely is one of the best ways to have an amusing night with your best friends.

So, there you have it. People are excited, and it seems that Dog-Opoly is a successful Monopoly variation. The Horse-Opoly version is still available at £28.98, but there’s even more being offered.

If you are not a dog lover, or you do not like horses for some reason, there is a third option for you, which is a feline Monopoly. No, it is not joke at all—you can buy Cat-Opoly right now, but for whatever reason it is the most expensive among the three animal Monopoly versions, costing a bit over £50.

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