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These 9 Images Capture Some Of The Most Touching Moments In 2018

Image Source: Getty Images

Since 2018 is already in history, we thought that wrapping up the year deserves a list to summarize some of the most powerful and memorable moments of the year. The list is compiled of nine images that hold a strong message. These images also bring a lot of emotions and different kind of vibes. Seeing them might reflect each and every one of you in a different way, but all of them are worth mentioning!

1. Love was still strong after Hurricane Florence devastated a vast area

Image Source: Getty Images

This image might not seem like much at first glance, but it speaks a lot! It was taken after the person in it returned to the site of her devastated home. Her name is Teresa Nance and she pretty much lost everything she owned. Of course, this is valid only in terms of material possessions! As you can see, she still has a lot of love to give and also to receive, as her canine friend is ever so loyal and by her side! No disaster could take away the love and trust in faith people have.

2. This is one of the best moments of the FIFA World Cup in Russia

Image Source: Getty Images

Football is the most popular game across the world, no doubt about that. It is a great game and a lot of fun to play and watch, but there is more to it than that. Football unites people and they are all equally positioned fans during the game, regardless if they are in the VIP sector or not. They all feel the same emotions! The president of France Emmanuel Macron proved that as he could not hold his emotions during the France – Croatia game! This is what showing your spirit looks like.

3. Sometimes photographers are able to really nail a perfect moment

Image Source: Getty Images

This image has been circulating all press agencies and social media platforms for a long time after it was taken at the NATO Summit. As you can clearly see, almost every single one of the NATO leaders is looking at a certain direction, except for one person! Of course, it happened only for a brief moment but a lucky photographer was able to capture the moment and the photo instantly became a viral sensation! It was shared countless times!

4. This was the wedding of the year

Image Source: Getty Images

This photo hardly needs a caption, but it just had to be on this list! One of the most important moments in the history of the British royal family definitely needs to be categorized as one of 2018’s most remarkable events! The wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was anticipated by tens of millions of people worldwide and it was a real life fairytale! The image shows the first kiss between the newlyweds and marks the beginning of their journey together.

5. Marjory Stoneman Douglas’s photo of Emma Gonzales can leave you speechless

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Image Source: Getty Images

Unfortunately 2018 was filled with all kinds of events and some of them were truly horrific. The U.S witnessed some of the worst tragedies the public schools have faced. The consequences are known by everyone and these moments were definitely among the hardest ones for the nation. The image was taken during a speech in which Emma Gonzales, who is a high school student, could not fight back her tears. The speech had the same duration as one of the events – exactly six minutes and twenty seconds.

6. The border control of immigration became a public debate

Image Source: Getty Images

People began discussing the immigration regulations after photos like this one emerged. As you can see, a toddler was detained with her family at the border due to the strict regulations. People were divided in their opinion on the matter and there was no clear indicator whether the majority of U.S citizens supports these regulations or may actually be willing to reject them.

7. Kristen Stewart’s act of disagreement with the dress code

Image Source: Getty Images

This was also a memorable moment because nobody expected her to do that. It might not be a big deal but the matter has been taken in quite seriously by many people. Stewart happened to be one of them. During her walk on the red carpet during the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival she actually stopped and took off her high heels. The message was more than simple. She just wanted to express her positions about the previously established dress code of the festival which insisted that all women must wear high heels.

8. Here is another photo from North Carolina

Image Source: Getty Images

This is yet another image proving that the human spirit is indestructible and people can overcome anything. The photo shows a man named Bob Richling evacuating Mrs. Darden from her home after the water began flooding her home because of Hurricane Florence. In such times of need people only have each other!

9. Now this is one of the most epic moments of the year for sure

Image Source: Cnet

We are convinced that everyone who has a TV or access to internet was able to see this amazing achievement of the human race! Of course, some considered this to be nothing more than a marketing stunt and it actually was, but it sent a much more powerful message than that. The amazing success of this project showed everyone that there are no boundaries and people push the envelope day after day.

Written by Nick Martin

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