This guy made a hair stylist shave the face of Kim Kardashian into the back of his head

If you thought you were Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan for following each dramatic twist of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, think again!

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Image Source: Instagram / rochellethesats
Image Source: Instagram / rochellethesats

An unnamed man made a hairdresser shave the face of Kim Kardashian into the back of his head. That’s right, forget about retro swirls, inscriptions and mythological creatures like dragons – celebs’ faces are the new craze when it comes to getting a cool hair do. The guy’s hair cut is making headlines all around the world after he went to Rob Ferrell’s salon to get the eye catching style. Ferrell, who’s more widely known as Rob the Original, is a famous hair dresser from Texas and specializes in these innovative hairdos. He’s already done tons of celeb faces such as Bryan Cranston, Floyd Mayweather, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marilyn Monroe and Nelson Mandela on people’s heads. Rob posted a snapshot of the Kim Kardashian style on Instagram, but didn’t reveal the name of the crazy Kardashian fan.
Do you think shaving Kim’s face on the back of your head is super stylish or is it just super creepy?

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