This Woman Dumped Her Hubby After Recognizing The View From Her Bedroom Window In An Instagram Picture

When you stand before your friends and family and pledge your life and heart to another human being, your dreams are full of happily ever after.

Some people get their fairly tale ending, even if there are bumps in the road. Marriage is work, and it’s usually not romantic or anywhere near perfect. The happy ending comes when you stick together through thick and thin; When you endure hardships and troubled times and still say “I do;” When you are both faithful to one another and put each other first, you will have a chance at that happily ever after.

Unfortunately, we all know that people don’t live up to their part of the bargain sometimes. The woman in this story learned that the hard way. She found out a secret on accident and it ended her marriage.

Yulia Agranovych is a former model, now a dentist. She hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. From the outside looking in, she had a great life. She had a fulfilling career, a beautiful home, and a loving husband. She had no idea that her whole life would change with one post she happened across on Instagram.

The post she found let her know her marriage was not what she thought it was. She was in no way searching for trouble. She trusted her husband. She was merely checking out her Instagram feed and came across the offending picture.

The picture seemed innocent enough, and nobody else would ever think it was anything else. Yulia knew in an instant it was the exact view that was seen from her bedroom window. A place where another woman should never be without her knowledge.

Yulia’s husband, Nazar Grynko, denied that anything was happening behind her back.

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The Instagram poster was a woman named Vlada Abramovich. The story was that she was simply the girlfriend of a friend, and she must have snapped the pic while they all had drinks before heading out to the movies.

Yulia wanted no part of the lie and told him she didn’t believe a word of it. She commented under said post about what a nice view it was from her hubby’s room.

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Vlada pretty much admitted her guilt when she deleted her IG account. Yulia’s husband was sticking to his story. The chance that it might blow over all ended, however, when the mistress re-activated and commented back. She admitted to sleeping with Yulia’s husband, with no remorse. She said Yulia was Nazar’s wife, not hers. She went on to say he had free will, and she insinuated that the situation was funny.

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After her response, Nazar finally admitted to his cheating ways, and it was discovered that Vlada was not his only mistress.

He attempted to explain away his reasons for cheating, claiming that they all knew he was married, and it was nothing more than physical. No mental cheating was happening at all. What a stand up guy, right? Yulia decided to contact the other women to hear what they had to say. She found them to be much nicer than Vlada. One was so upset that she cried because she had no idea that Nazar had a wife.

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She felt that she had no choice but to divorce her husband after discovering this horrible side of him.

Yulia feels lucky to have learned of her husband’s infidelity now instead of when she was pregnant or after having a child. They had been planning to start a family.

It’s hard to say why people cheat, but so many do, unfortunately. With the technology that exists these days, it’s harder to hide. Social media is playing a big role in helping those that are unfaithful be caught.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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