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14 Photos Of The Award-Winning Steve Irwin’s Son Who Is An Amazing Photographer

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Steve Irwin was one of our favorite heroes! His work and his amazing personality turned him into a legend and everyone knows his name all around the world. Now the late Steve Irwin’s son is on his way to become even more famous than his father. 14-year-old Robert Irwin has an amazing talent! He is a gifted photographer who has an eye for wildlife photography. His interest was developed from an early age and now Robert has reached a level where he wows all his fans on Instagram and wins a lot of awards. We wish him a successful career ahead and we are sure he will achieve it!

1. Here is a nice photo to kick off the list with

Image Source: Instagram

As you can imagine, being a wildlife photographer means that you need to spend a lot of time in the wild and see a lot of amazing things that most people never get to see. This photo is the perfect example! As you can see, the snake is really close to the camera which means that Robert is not afraid at all. We guess that growing up in a zoo was beneficial for him and he loves all animals since his toddler years.

2. This amazing portrait looks like a painting

Image Source: Instagram

They say that the best photographers are able to create their images in a surreal way which makes them appear as they were painting created by a very skillful artist. This portrait of a curious tiger definitely resembles a painting and that only suggests the skillset Robert has at his age. Just imagine the quality of his work after five or ten years. The tiger in the photo is extremely cute and we wish we could see the animal in person.

3. Here is an amazing photograph of a turtle

Image Source: Instagram

We are no experts in photography but we love taking photos. One thing we know for sure is that underwater photos are extremely hard to take. We were never able to take a decent underwater shot but as you can see, Robert was able to make it perfect! The mesmerizing creature looks as if it knew someone was about to take a photo and stroke a pose. The image is stunning.

4. This otter is really cute

Image Source: Instagram

The wildlife offers amazing things to see and the possibilities for someone to capture a beautiful photo are endless but there is a catch, you need to be devoted to the job and to have patience. This is essential and no matter what kind of equipment or experience you have, being able to wait for the perfect moment is all that matters. As you can see, Robert happened to be at the best possible time and took this image.

5. Here is one majestic eagle

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of beautiful birds but eagles are among the most impressive ones! We guess that everyone who loves wildlife would admit that seeing an eagle in person is a moment worth sharing the story of! These encounters are rare and catching a glimpse of one is always a treat! As you can clearly see, Robert was able not only to take a photo but he captured a beautiful portrait of the majestic bird and we love it!

6. This photo is like nothing we have seen before

Image Source: Instagram

This image must be one the best Robert Irwin ever took and also one the most curious ones we have ever seen before! The perspective of the photo is surreal because it looks as if it was taken from inside a crocodile’ mouth. The menacing looking teeth are kind of scary but we guess that the photo is not what it looks like. There is surely a trick of some sort but we are not sure what it actually is. What matter is that the photo is incredible.

7. Here is an image that has the power to improve everyone’s mood

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for your mood to receive an instant boost. There are certain things that just have that effect. You take one look and this is all you need. We guess that a koala bear is on the top of that list! Koalas are extremely cute and adorable. Their attitude and their appearance turn them into most people’s favorite animals! Robert was able to capture this koala in a perfect pose and it seems that the animal enjoys the attention.

8. This is one really stunning photo

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Image Source: Instagram

Robert Irwin shows his amazing talent once again with this mind-blowing image! It looks like CGI but it was taken by a 14-year-old boy which makes it even more astounding! The snake looks menacing but the way it balances itself from that tree branch is really cool. Most photographers would be afraid to approach this animal but Robert was able to take the perfect photo and he admired the snake in the same time.

9. Here a look at the life of the animals we consider to be fierce

Image Souce: Instagram

Most animal species have a lot in common with us humans. For example, parenting has pretty much the same perks. All parents love their offspring and care for them because this is in their nature and in ours, too. The message this photo carries is that we need to stop judging animals by their nature and try to look into the life of their species in order to understand them. The way this hyena enjoys playing with its baby is adorable!

10. This is the most majestic photo on the list

Image Source: Instagram

We find it hard to believe how someone could be able to take such an amazing photo! Just take a look at that face! Nobody could doubt that the lion is the king of the jungle for all the right reasons. It seems that some other species could be worthy of that title, too, but it is what it is and this photo shows that it is the way it should be! The animal kingdom has rules that we don’t understand but the animals obey. We understand that, because nobody would like to confront a king like this!

11. Talking about the king, we might as well show you his queen

Image Source: Instagram

Robert Irwin is an amazing young man and every photo on this list shows his unique skills and vision. His photos spark everyone’s curiosity and make people dream of visiting the natural habitat of all the animals featured in them. The photo of this lioness is no exception. Robert was able to capture the perfect moment and the beautiful animal looks incredible.

12. This bird is a real goofball

Image Source: Instagram

Some of the young and talented photographer’s photos are stunning in a different way but it is still about nailing the best possible time to take that shot! As you can see, this bird was more than happy to pose for this cute photo. In fact, the bird looks as if it noticed the attention and tried to show off! We guess that Robert was very pleased when the bird decided to cooperate.

13. These cute lion cubs are the best models for a photo

Image Source: Instagram

No matter what kind of photos you have seen before, they don’t get much cuter than this one! These two lion cubs are so adorable that we want to hug them! They look like they are ready to jump and spend the whole day playing around the savannah which they probably do anyway. It seems that they noticed Robert and one of the cubs showed that it was in the mood to play. Lion cubs look like oversized domestic cats and we would love to get the chance and pet one of these amazing animals.

14. The mood this photo brings is amazing

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that having the time to wait for the perfect moment is not a problem for Robert. He literally grew up in the environment that can be seen in most of his photos, which is the reason why he could spend days outdoors and feel as if he was at home! His late father did his best and taught his son how to respect nature and all its inhabitants. This is essential and we believe it was in the bottom of Robert’s love for wildlife photography. The majestic elephant caught in this photo is beautiful and the mood the image brings is kind of soothing.

15. Here is a rather unexpected image

Image Source: Instagram

We have all heard the legends about Australia and the animals living on the continent. Stories about huge spiders, giant crocodiles and all kinds of snakes scare off a lot of tourists. However, since we are talking about the land down under, we might as well accept the fact that there is some truth to those stories. The image you see is proof of that. We did not expect an image like that, but this close-up shot of a huge spider is definitely a nice addition to the rest of the list. Robert did it again and the photo is amazing!

Written by Nick Martin

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