Top 5 Little Known Facts About Bruce Lee

bruce-lee-21. Bruce Lee could do push-ups using only his one-hand and two fingers. Not only that, but he was recorded doing 50 chin-ups with one hand.

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2. Bruce did an incredibly strong sidekick and broke apart a 149 lbs. punching bag during a training session with James Coburn.

3. The martial artist could make an 8 feet jump form a stand still position. This ability of his was portrayed in his movies where he kicked out a light bulb.

4. Lee could throw small rice grains in the air and then snatch them in mid-air just by using chopsticks.
This incredible stunts were witnessed by many including Joe Hyams.

5. Bruce could penetrate unopened cans of Coca-Cola by forcing his fingers with great thrust all the way through the thick steel they used to make the cans from back in the day.

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