Watch a tech blogger destroy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a…

A YouTube video of a tech blogger destroying his brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone has gone viral after the guy decided to pop his tech toy in the blender and film the process – and the striking results.

Image Source: Screenshot: Newsflare
Image Source: Screenshot: Newsflare

TechRax is the YouTube nickname of Teras Maksimuk – a YouTube tech savvy Ukrainian guy, who’s currently residing in Sacramento, California, US, and is smashing, blending, nailing, drowning, dropping and basically destroying all sorts of high tech gadgets for a job. In one of his latest videos the tech blogger destroyed a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone with the help of a blender.

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The guy chose to go for Blendtec – a powerful blender, which served its purpose quite well in the video. The blogger puts the new phone horizontally in the blender and films the entire thing as the phone gets severely scratched. However, it still remains in one piece. The blogger then decides to put the phone inside the blending machine sideways and that’s when the really shocking part kicks off. The phone starts spinning frantically inside the blender as the knives are cutting through its screen, case, openings and eventually – through its insides. As you might have guessed, the blender managed to get most of the Samsung phone to look like it’s made out of dust. The battery, the chips and everything else gets totally destroyed as a massive black tornado of flying particles are swept inside the blender until the knives manage to dissolve most of the phone’s particles into soft and dusty black sand.

TechRax shows the viewers what the new phone looks like after the blending and explains that the smell is awful and the texture of the ruined particles is extremely soft. The tech blogger uploaded his video on YouTube on the 9th of March this year and it has already gathered more than 1.6 million views.

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