10 Iconic Roles That Almost Destroyed The Actor

9. This role was for The Birds; Tippi Hedren

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One of the first films that I ever remember scaring me was Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” I remember being afraid to even walk outside if I saw more than one bird out there! My sister and I would just hide in the house until we didn’t see any. Tippi Hedren was the protagonist in the film, and her story is a little different from the others on this list. The stories of the way Hitchcock treated his star have been known for decades. She assumed that the birds would be fake, and was appalled to learn that a bird trainer was literally teaching live animals to attack her for real.

The trainer would throw the birds at her faith, and this went on and on. She had to be seen by a doctor who ordered that she take a week off, and Alford Hitchcock pitched a fit about it. She could not work with anyone else because of the contract she had with Mr. Hitchcock, and after she expressed her displeasure with how The Birds was handled, he would not write any new parts for her. He wouldn’t even call her by name. Apparently, he even kept her from getting an Oscar nomination for the part that he tortured her for. When he heard rumors that she was to be nominated, he made phone calls to keep it from happening. What a horrible man! I guess now we know why her fright looks so real in the movie. Poor Tippi.

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10. Nicolas Cage, Birdy

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Nicolas Cage is a familiar face to anyone who is a fan of movies. He has appeared in lots of them throughout his lifetime. He is another actor that can play any role, be it funny or serious. Some don’t take him very seriously, but he is very dedicated to his roles.

Such as playing a Vietnam veteran in the film Birdy. The character was a disfigured veteran and he was determined to look the part. He lost 15 pounds, and removed two of his front teeth. He wore the same bandages on his face all day, every day for five weeks, causing a severe infection on his face. He received high praise for his work in this film.

These are just a few crazy stories of the roles that almost destroyed the actors who played them. I have high respect for anyone with this much invested in their chosen profession. I cannot wait to see what more of them will go to in order to create amazing films for us to enjoy in the future.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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