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10 Of The Most Awkward 2017 Celebrities Moments That Will Be Remembered

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Celebrities are fascinating to many of us because we envision their lives as perfect. We see the glamour and money a travel and accolades, but fail to realize that, at the end of the day, they are mere humans, just like we are.

We imagine that they are full of self confidence and that their sharp wit and effortless conversational skills are always at 100%.

Some of them have us convinced that this is always true, but others have definitely let their mere mortal sides show, and even more have blessed us with supremely awkward and ridiculous moments. And for that, we say thank you.

These cringeworthy moments have been happening to the rich and famous since Hollywood’s inception, but since we don’t have unlimited amounts of time to snicker and guffaw about moments that make us feel better about ourselves, we will stick to the times it got weird in 2017 only. A look back at the top happenings from the last year. Trust me, it’s full of good stuff!

Here are some of the most incredibly awkward moments that have taken place amongst the famous. A-C listers all included.

1. Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha

Kesha ran into Jerry Seinfeld at an event and gushed over him. She ran in to try to get a hug, and he literally ran away from her. She told him that she loved him and he got the weirdest look on his face almost as if he was afraid.

After all she has been through, this was probably a low point for sure. Shame on you, Jerry! Give Kesha some love! Just kidding!

Turns out, he didn’t know who Kesha was, so he thought it was a fan acting a little too eager!

Nothing personal, just awkward as heck!

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2. Who is That?

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If you haven’t seen Mean Girls, you have been missing out! It’s a great chick flick with some iconic catch phrases and a great moral lesson.

If you were in the movie, it stands to reason, that even after all these years, you’d recognize your co-stars, right? WRONG.

Johnathan Bennett played the role of Aaron Samuels in the cult classic. He actually interacted quite a bit with the protagonist of the film, Cady, played by the amazingly talented train wreck, Lindsay Lohan.

When being interviewed and shown a picture of her, he literally didn’t recognize her. AWKWARD!

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3. Becky who?

While it’s true that most opening acts that go on before the headliner at a concert aren’t well known, this story is pretty embarrassing for said opener.

Becky G gained a following on social media when she began posting videos online of herself covering popular songs.

She was asked to open for the girl group Fifth Harmony when they toured last year and had quite the embarrassing moment during one of the shows, in Argentina.

After her set, when Fifth Harmony was performing their hit ‘All in My Head (Flex)’, she went to take her place to perform with them, as planned, when a security guard stopped her! He thought she was a fan running onto the stage without permission! Poor girl!

4. Hush, Heidi!

During a segment on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon rudely cut the incomparable Heidi Klum off mid sentence. It was definitely a cringeworthy moment.

For real, though, we all know Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t be rude to anyone. It was time for a commercial break and he had to segue before the commercial started paying.

test ad

He looked horrified as the camera cut away. I’m sure she understood, but that had to have been a bit embarrassing.

Luckily, she doesn’t take herself to seriously so I’m sure all was forgiven immediately.

5. Married?

So, Katy Perry appeared on the Ellen show to talk about her upcoming role as a judge on the reboot of American Idol.

They were about the play a game, cleverly titled “Will You Perry Me” (get it?) when she asked to make sure she didn’t have to get married, again. Ellen replied with confusion, reminding her that she wasn’t married.

Perry then reminded Ellen that she was once married to comedian and actor Russell Brand, almost a decade ago, and that she had even received gifts on the Ellen show!

Ellen finally remembered and they laughed it off, but it was pretty awkward, for sure.

6. Another Ellen Example

Another episode of the Ellen show makes the list, but it’s not Ellen who made us cringe this time. It was none other than Jessica Simpson.

You gotta love Jessica Simpson. She has brought us such great moments through the years, such as trying to decide if Chicken of the Sea is actually chicken, or tuna. She is such a good ditz, that I wonder if it’s all an act or if she really is that adorably clueless.

You’ll get a kick out of this clip, for sure. Ellen could hardly contain herself. She’s really talented at leading these awkward interviews.

Poor Jessica just was not on top of her game that day, bless her heart.

7. Kelly Clarkson is ALWAYS good for a laugh

Kelly Clarkson is hilarious! Her talent is undeniable and she has millions of fans, the world over, because of her dynamite vocal skills. Offstage, she has always remained genuine and just slightly awkward and I think that’s why people love her as a person.

On talks shows and in interviews, she comes across as personable and like you could be friends with her, and after this hilarious exchange from the Today Show, I’m even more convinced of that.

Playing a popular game, Never Have I Ever, she was asked about things pertaining to being a Mom. One particular question tripped her up because she took it in a totally different way than it was meant! When asked if she had ever misplaced a toy that was too noisy, she took it to mean an adult toy and hilarity ensued.

8. Cooking with Giada

I often find the cooking segments on talk shows a bit awkward anyway, because they always seem so rushed, but this time it’s the participants who make it so entertaining to watch.

In a cooking segment featuring Giada De Laurentiis on Ellen, Nicole Kidman also joins in.

The tension can be cut with a knife as you can clearly see that Nicole is not all that impressed with Giada. It’s also clear that Giada is annoyed by that. The pinnacle of awkwardness is reached when Kidman actually spits the food out.

I’m willing to bet money that they never appear together on anything ever again. I loved it.

9. Tina Fey FTW

Morning show imbiber Kathie Lee Gifford was surprised by some prerecorded birthday wishes this past August. Her co-host, Hoda was introducing the clips when they got to one sent by Tina Fey.

Prior to this, on a different day, they were complaining that Fey hadn’t been on their show, but she called them out on forgetting her.

She bets a hundred dollars that she has absolutely been there with them earlier, and lo and behold, she was right.

They both apologize to Tina for not remembering their interview with her, but ouch. In the words of Stephanie Tanner “how rude!”

10. Poor Selena

Image Source: YOUTUBE

I imagine it’s already so horrible for celebrities when they go through a breakup, can you imagine how much worse it would be for naked photos of your ex to show up on your social media?

That’s what happened to Selena Gomez.

She and Justin Bieber have been in a years long on again off again relationship that way too many people seem to be invested in. So much so, that when her Instagram was hacked, the hacker posted nude photos of Bieber to her page.

That’s just wrong to do to her, and him. Some people have too much time on their hands, clearly.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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