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The People Are Mad At Jake Paul’s Most Recent Youtube Video, Because They Think It Is Inappropriate

We have talked about social media star Logan Paul recently. In case you’ve forgotten, Logan found himself in hot water not too long ago after making the questionable decision to post a video featuring the corpse of a person who committed suicide via hanging in Japan.

His brother, another social media star, is now generating controversy; it is at the point, really, where that family may need to consider stop posting videos on the internet altogether. That said, the duo have more than 28-million followers, so they probably shouldn’t take my advice.

The aforementioned brother, Jake, recently posted a video to YouTube called “I Lost My Virginity…” and it didn’t go over well. He has been accused of both creating clickbait—which is a term used to describe content on the internet specifically designed to attract attention in the hopes visitors to a site will click on a link—and the wildly inappropriate use of a thumbnail image.

Image Source: Instagram

The thumbnail has been changed, but the original one was quite sexually explicit. Jake was being straddled by a mostly naked girl. The girl in question’s name is Erika Costell, who is reportedly dating Jake Logan, and she appears in the vast majority of the YouTube star’s videos. She was in panties and a bra.

She’s also very pretty, as can be seen in this image:

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Also, the video had nothing to do with sex; only the thumbnail does. It is actually about a ski trip.
While ski trips can result in sexy times, the thumbnail was obviously a bit misleading. More to the point, it was completely unnecessary. Could he have posted what he did to distract people from the video his brother recorded in Japan?

It should also be noted that Jake Paul’s fan base is on the younger side, which makes the thumbnail extra inappropriate.

Do remember that the Paul brothers have millions of fans.

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Also, as one fan of Jake Paul pointed out on social media, it is unlikely that he recently lost his virginity.

Jake Paul is actually being criticized for more than his inappropriate and misleading thumbnail image. Very recently, a leaked video was posted, and it showed Jake using a very offensive word—one that we won’t mention here—while rapping and hanging out with friends at a music festival.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Apparently, Jake Paul told the media that he has matured quite a bit since that footage was filmed. Of course, it happened within the past three years (there is a bit of debate regarding exactly when it was filmed), so how much could he have possibly matured?

While the brothers have done a couple questionable things lately, it seems unlikely that their fame will go away or they’ll suffer tremendous hardships as a result. They literally have millions of followers. They got started on Vine, back when Vine actually existed, and they capitalized on their personalities and antics. Most of their internet content revolves around pranks and setting stuff on fire. The drama that results is sort of their bread and butter.

Their fame even allowed them to move from Ohio to Los Angeles, California.

They even started a talent label called Team 10, which ultimately led to their being able to start a fashion line. Jake actually had a character on a Disney Channel sitcom.

Just in case you’re a fan of the Paul brothers and worried about their futures, you definitely shouldn’t be at all worried. Not at all. The brothers are likely worth over $10 million dollars each; they are amongst YouTube’s highest paid stars, and they make more than most of us do weekly for every Facebook post they make.

The brothers are certainly talented in the sense that they managed to create a brand; however, considering their fan base is reportedly quite young—children like watching people do silly, pointless things—let’s hope they make better choices in the future regarding exactly what they post to the internet. The kids are watching!

Written by Kevin Barrett

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