10 Rich And Famous Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

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Successful people have one thing in common. Other people see them in the present and assume that they have always been like that. Money seems to be falling from the sky over the rich and famous, and they look like they have been influential, powerful and famous all their lives. Their current status is the reason we are inspired, even jealous sometimes, but we always look to them, whether it is for inspiration or just for admiration.

You will likely be very surprised to find out that a lot of today’s celebrities have been through a lot of ups and downs and went through tough times. After all, they are human just like everyone else and have the same feelings and problems.

As it turns out, becoming world famous for your talent and skills does not come easy, and sometimes the obstacles life puts in the way seem just too big. Those people did not give up on their desire – quite the opposite, actually. They were determined to make their dreams come true, to become someone notable and to leave a mark in this world.

We all have choices we have to make given the circumstances, but we must not settle for what we are or where we are at the moment. The hard times cannot break strong, willing and focused people. The difficulties inspire them to walk faster and faster towards their goals, and the following list of ten such people will probably inspire you, as well.
Reading these amazing, but very true stories might change your life or at least your perception of the current situation you find yourself in.

1. Hilary Swank

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The talented Hilary Swank was born in Nebraska and is among the most respected modern actresses in Hollywood. She holds two Oscars for leading female role. Currently she resides in her luxurious and expensive Hollywood home worth about $40 million dollars.

More than twenty years ago, however, in the beginning of the 90’s, Hilary and her mother moved to LA and struggled for a while, and before she became an actress, both of them had to sleep in a car.

2. Halle Berry

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She is known for being the first Oscar winner for Best female leading performance who is African-American. She is widely recognized as an exceptional talent with a lot of sex appeal, and she is definitely a wealthy and influential person. As you might have guessed, her story was not like that years before the money and the fame came along.

Shockingly, Halle Berry has a lot of toxic relationships behind her, and two of them ended up as failed marriages. Add a suicide attempt, and you can imagine how life treated the beautiful actress for a while. That, apparently, was not enough, as she was reportedly homeless for a while in the dawn of her career.

Instead of giving up, however, she confessed that it actually turned her into a stronger person and provided her with the skill set to live through every situation life threw at her. Even if that meant sleeping in a public shelter for a couple of nights. She has come a long way since then and her life has changed completely in many aspects.

3. Charlie Chaplin

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Indisputably one of the most widely recognized actors in the world and certainly one of the most famous from the first half of the 20th century, Charlie Chaplin dominated the silent movie era. He had to endure a very rough childhood, first. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he got from his mother who had the same condition. Around the same time, his father passed away early, leaving the young Charlie with no choice but to start working before the fragile age of 10. He used to sleep on the cold London streets much too often, which was probably a scary thing for a young kid. Those days left their mark on Chaplin, but still he managed to preserve both his brilliant mind and soul.

Sir Charles Chaplin, which is his full name, will remain in history as one of the most important figures in the development of the move business. Ironically, considering his fate as a child, the most memorable role he had was The Tramp. Sir Chaplin enjoyed a 75-year career.

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