Stormzy Perfomed At Fan’s Dad’s Funeral After Twiiter Request

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London-born grime artist Stormzy is well known known for his chart-topping hit “Shut Up” and his grime album Gang Signs & Prayer, which was released in February of this year. Now he’s about to be known for being one of the nicest celebrities out there.

He already had a reputation for being a genuinely good person, but his decision to perform at a fan’s father’s funeral makes it official—Stormzy is a kind and generous human being.

A young fan of Stormzy named Nas Bockerie reached out to the artist on December 14 via Twitter, asking him to perform at the funeral. Bockerie’s father had sadly passed away at the Royal Berkshire Hospital on December 8, which tragically happened to also be the day of the Bockerie’s graduation. The young man and his late father shared a love of one of Stormzy’s hits, “Blinded By Grace”.

In all likelihood, Bockerie did not expect to hear back from the star, but Stormzy—who is pretty active on Twitter—surprised the young man by responding to the Tweet. On December 21st, Stormzy actually performed at the fan’s father’s funeral. This was confirmed by a friend of Bockerie and attendee of the funeral, who tweeted his thanks and respect for Stormzy.
Naturally, fans of Stormzy heaped praise on the grime star for his kind action via social media, calling him a “hero” and “amazing” and referring to the gesture as “beautiful”.

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Of course, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the 24-year-old Stormzy was nice enough to attend the funeral and perform. Back in March, Stormzy recorded a message for the funeral of a Coventry-area fan named Breon, expressing his respect for his supporter and paying tribute to his life. In the message, he encouraged funeral attendees to keep their heads and chins up—as well as celebrate the life of Breon and the memories they shared with him.

If you’re not familiar with Grime music, it is a genre that first emerged in 2001 in the U.K, specifically East London. Rapping is a component of the style, and rapid breakbeats are typical of the music. Lyrics typically revolve around the harsh realities of urban life.

Stormzy—whose real name is Michael Omari—has been involved in Grime scene for several years, having released his debut EP in 2014. Earlier this year in November, he made headlines in the U.K. for getting “trapped” in a toilet at MTV’s European Music Awards. He had accidentally wandered into the women’s restroom and went to a stall before realizing his mistake. He felt he couldn’t leave the stall for fear of being viewed as “mad creepy”. He was supposed to be on stage at the time of this incident.

Naturally, his Twitter followers found the situation hilarious.

He may pop into the wrong restroom once in a while—all that proves is that Stormzy, like all of us, can make a goof once in a while; being there for a fan in the fan’s time of need, though, proves that Stormzy is truly one of the good guys. Wouldn’t it be nice if more famous people were like him?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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