10 Situations That Definitely Did Not Turn Out As Expected

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Thanks to certain writers and directors, you pretty much expect every movie or television show to end with a plot twist. At this point, it is almost refreshing when a movie ends without one. It is nice to see a movie or television show end the way you want and expect. Twists can be great, but they can also be unnecessary. At times, you just want a story to be over.

Fictional stories don’t always end the way you would expect, though. Similarly, real life situations don’t always end the way you would like them to end.

Here are eleven examples of situations that didn’t turn out the way you would have expected.

1. The Pork Chop and the Bed

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Well, you have to give this Dylan character credit for admitting to his mistake. Also, I am sure that the staff of the hotel was glad to know there was no blood on the bedsheets. That would be sort of concerning for the maid, I imagine.

I eat food in bed once in a while, so I can sort of understand how this situation happened. Still, pork chops seem like a curious choice. I can understand eating a banana or a cookie, of course; meat, though, seems kind of weird.

2. The Talk Show

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This scene is from the early 1990s. As a person who lived through them, I can confidently state that things were weird back then.

Twenty-five years ago or so, Oprah interviewed Ninja Turtles on her show. Considering how popular they were back then, I can’t blame her for that particular choice. A lot of people probably watched.
Oprah has been fascinating people for decades now, and she will probably continue to fascinate for as long as she lives. You may not be a fan, but she is clearly doing something right. She is currently worth almost three billion dollars.

Back in the 1990s, though, you just never thought that Oprah would become such a powerful figure on the world stage. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” are also fascinating, but in a different way. They have been entertaining kids for about 34 years now. The cartoons and movies are great, certainly, but I am a huge fan of the video games. The first game, which came out for the NES, was insanely hard. I never managed to finish it. The arcade game was a lot of fun, too, and I managed to beat that one.

3. The List

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If the person who took this picture hates lists, he or she probably shouldn’t be reading this.
When I think of irony, I think of Alanis Morissette. She wrote a song about things that were ironic—although they actually weren’t. They were just sort of tragic or depressing. Also, last time I checked, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. If I were to get married and it rained on my wedding day, I would just assume that ‘weather’ happened.

Morissette is interesting, regardless. For example, she starred in the movie “Dogma”, which came out in 1999. She played God. She also appeared on the show “Weeds”.

She also dated Dave Coulier, who is best known for appearing on “Full House” back in the 1980s and 1990s. He played Joey. That character appears on the show’s spin-off, which is called “Fuller House”. To the surprise of many, that show was renewed for a fourth season. It had been getting positive reviews, though.

It is remarkable how many shows are being brought back, honestly. Who would have thought they would ever make another season of “Murphy Brown”? Personally, I would love to see another season of “Cheers”. It wouldn’t be difficult to do, after all. All of the actors are still alive. People are still hanging out in a bar after 25 years—that wouldn’t be too hard to sell.

4. The Divorce

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This is a fun twist on writing “Just Married” on a vehicle. Well, I don’t know if fun is the proper word. Last I checked, divorce is rarely fun. While you might be happy to get out of a bad marriage, you probably have to regret—at least a bit—the years you spent with the wrong person.

Divorce statistics, at least in the United States, are pretty shocking. It is almost like people don’t really think long and hard about the biggest decision they’ll ever make. When it comes to first marriages, roughly forty percent of them end in divorce. Things get even more depressing when it comes to second and third marriages. The majority of them, sadly, end in divorce. I am not sure exactly why that is.

According to a few sites I have checked out, living together prior to marriage actually increases the chances of divorce later on. That surprised me at first, but it sort of makes sense when you really think about it. Once you’re living with a romantic partner, you are kind of stuck with them. If things go badly, you can’t just say “this isn’t working anymore” and end the relationship. A lot of people who are living together probably just get married because that is what you are “supposed to do”.

You are also less likely to get divorced if you get married after the age of 25, which makes a lot of sense. People over the age of 25 tend to make better decisions than teenagers and people who can’t legally rent a car in a lot of places.

5. The Greeting Card

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I hate greeting cards and think they are stupid and pointless, but because I have old people in my life I have to buy them once in a while. There are a few problems that come along with that. For one, they cost way too much. I once bought a card that cost over seven dollars. It isn’t that I am cheap, per se, but that seems like a lot for a card. Also, most of the jokes are terrible. You really have to work hard to find one that is either truly moving or truly funny. Also, personalizing a greeting card is a chore. The card usually says exactly what you’re trying to express. If you are buying a birthday card, the card always says “Happy Birthday”, so why should you have to repeat that sentiment?
I wouldn’t mind getting the card in this image. It is pretty funny, and I always throw away any card I am given anyway.

test ad

6. The Curious Question

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I am pretty curious why this question was asked. I understand there might be a religious reason, but it is still a strange thing to ask over text.

You should probably think twice about circumcising yourself, even if your romantic partner is incredibly hot. That is probably a job best left to medical professionals. I could see things going terribly wrong if you try to do it yourself. First of all, if you are an adult, the procedure can take about an hour, and it can take about a week to heal. I always thought it was a quick procedure, but it apparently takes several minutes even when a newborn is being circumcised.

There are benefits to circumcision, though. For example, you’ll be at a reduced risk for urinary tract infections, and that’s definitely a good thing. You are also at a reduced risk for certain sexually transmitted infections, and you are also less likely to develop penile cancer—which is something you definitely do not want.

7. The thoughts

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I am guessing this pregnancy wasn’t exactly intentional; she seems happy, so it might have been intentional on her part. He, however, does not look thrilled.

I can’t blame him. As I have pointed out before, babies cost a small fortune to raise. If you think you can get them to eighteen or so without spending a hundred thousand dollars or more, you’re out of your mind. If you plan to spend less on your child’s upbringing, you definitely shouldn’t be a parent and should consider giving him or her up for adoption.

I sometimes wonder why it costs so much to raise a child. You have to buy a bigger car, I guess—that’s probably part of it, and most of them want their own room eventually. I think, primarily, it is the clothing. Kids grow so quickly. You buy them a pair of pants one day, and they are too big for them a week later.

8. The Pillow

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I would not buy this for myself, but I wouldn’t be upset if someone gave it to me as a gift. Nicolas Cage is an interesting guy. I have enjoyed many of his films.

Personally, I really enjoyed his work in “World Trade Center”, which was about the September 11 attacks. That movie really demonstrated what a capable actor he is.

There is a reason that he was, at one point, one of Hollywood’s most highly-paid actors.

I also really liked “National Treasure”. While not all of the critics loved it, it was definitely a success at the box office.

9. The Girls and the Movie

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I like this. I am glad the young women decided to get along. They probably became very good friends. There was no reason to argue, after all.

If your romantic partner is cheating on you, chances are you should be far angrier at him or her than the person with whom he or she is cheating.

If you don’t want to get cheated on, though, you might reconsider ever getting into a relationship. According to my research, cheating occurs in over 33 percent of marriages, which is very depressing. It isn’t shocking, but it is depressing. Men are more likely to cheat, but not by much. Also, a lot of people have affairs with their co-workers, which is just a dumb idea for so very many reasons. Affairs often happen on business trips; if your spouse is traveling for business, you have every right to be sort of concerned.

People cheat on their romantic partners for a lot of reasons. People grow apart of course, and that is a big reason. Sometimes, people have affairs to get revenge on their spouse. A lot of the time, though, cheating happens out of simple curiosity.

10. The Girl and the Date

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I feel truly bad for this girl. It is true that she didn’t pose the question in the right way, sure, but she must have felt terrible when she got the response that she did. Nobody needs to be told the actual date via text. If you have a phone, you know what the date will be next day.

No matter how old you get, it is hard to ask people out on dates. It is not fun being vulnerable. That is why so many people end up alone at the end of their lives, wondering what could have been.

Written by Sven Miller

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