25 Of The Worst Ironing Fails, So Bad People Had To Share Them

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You can find all kinds of amusing content while browsing during your afternoon break. One of the best sources of fun is quite an unexpected one – searching for ironing fails. This is a relatable topic, as most of us have been that route. Still, it is better to see how others have experienced it instead of dealing with it on our own.

1. The wooden floor

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You have surely seen those iron stands they sell and even if you think that it is something you do not need, this picture will probably convince you that everyone needs one.

2. The liquid

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There is a reason why irons need to work with pure water. As you can see, putting a different liquid inside is not a good idea. In this case, someone used sugar syrup for some reason.

3. The tie

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One of the first things to consider before ironing an item is to make sure if it can be ironed at all. Some fabrics will simply melt and this tie seems to be no exception.

4. The carpet

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Here is one classic situation that one could easily be related to. It seems that people should always put safety first when handling an iron because they could end up with a trashed carpet.

5. The broken iron

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We have seen all kinds of trashed irons but this is something new. We never suspected that you could actually break the massive heating plate but the image proves it is possible.

6. The burnt area

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There are more than a few things that could happen if you put a hot iron somewhere it should never be placed. One of the most dangerous ones is starting a fire so you need to be careful.

7. The vinyl

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Here is yet another situation that should never be repeated. Ironing a sports bag is not necessary, not to mention it could be dangerous because you can easily melt the vinyl or at least ruin the iron.

8. The other carpet

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Once again, putting a hot iron on the carpet is not something you can do and get away with. In this case, the person who did it was probably distracted by something. They will know better.

9. The plastic surface

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There is no doubt that hot metal plates will do a lot of damage to most plastic surfaces. This is what happened here – the iron melted through this plastic table and completely ruined it.

10. The print

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This is yet another example of how a hot iron can damage a wooden floor. There are no wooden floors hard enough to withstand the heat generated by the iron.

11. The fabric

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Here is yet another reminder of how careful we all must be if we want to prevent situations that could result in disaster. As you can see, someone tried to iron the wrong fabric.

12. The mask

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how things ended when someone decided to iron their mask. Needless to say, it was not a good idea, to begin with.

13. The table

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Image Source: Reddit

Similarly to the example above, someone else was probably not aware that this plastic table will never be able to endure the heat generated by a hot iron. The result is clearly visible and it is not something you would want to deal with.

14. The banknote

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We have all heard about laundering money but ironing a banknote is something we have never heard of. Someone probably thought it was a good idea but it looks like it was not.

15. The dress

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Fancier clothing needs to be handled with care, otherwise, it could be ruined. As you can see, it is apparent that this dress will never be the same again after someone decided to iron it.

16. The door

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is something we have no clue about how it happened. There are more than a few things we need to avoid and putting a hot iron over an appliance is one of these things.

17. The flavored water

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Now, this is something that we consider to be irresponsible. Why would someone put something other than pure water inside their iron? It could ruin it, as well as clothes or other pieces of cloth.

18. The vinegar

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Someone decided to ruin their iron but it was unintentional of course. They simply wanted to clean it with some vinegar solution but it did not work as intended. The iron is no longer usable.

19. The packaging

Image Source: Reddit

One person bought this iron and decided to turn it on without checking if all the wrapping was removed. The whole thing ended up with a new iron that was immediately scrapped.

20. The board

Image Source: Imgur

Someone did not pay enough attention when handling their iron and the situation resulted in a damaged desk. It looked really nice before this accident and we hope it can be repaired.

21. The pattern

Image Source: Imgur

This iron looks good but that is only the effect of the melted material stuck all over it. As you can see, the idea this person had was no good because such surfaces are not supposed to be ironed.

22. The marshmallows

Image Source: Twitter

Starting a nice evening in the woods needs a bonfire and marshmallows but trying to replicate that using an iron is a no-no. Of course, this happened by accident and we are glad it did not end bad.

23. The soft carpet

Image Source: Reddit

Someone left their hot iron on this soft carpet and it got stuck so hard that its metal plate was left there as if it was mounted using super glue. This is a real disaster and the person should pay attention next time.

24. The cooker

Image Source: Reddit

Guests in a hotel are different but these people are surely not welcome at this hotel anymore. They used the iron in their room to cook steaks.

25. The laptop

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this must have been painful to watch, as the laptop looks expensive. The person who placed the iron over it was probably distracted by something but they regretted it soon enoug.

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