10 Ten Meaningful Tattoos For Men Everyone Should Consider Getting

8. The Cross

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The cross may be one of the more popular tattoos out there, which makes sense. Christianity—despite having approximately 46,000 different sects—could be considered the most influential religion on the planet and the basis for Western civilization. At the very least, it is the reason mall parking lots are super crowded for an entire month as well as why everybody knows that angels get their wings whenever bells ring.

Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, died on a cross in a rather brutal fashion. These days, that very cross upon which he perished is often tattooed on bodies in addition to being used to repel vampires in horror movies.
So why the cross tattoo? It is a good way of expressing your Christian faith while also expressing—as tattoos tend to do—your rebellious side. Furthermore, unless Christianity goes away in the next 100 years—which is not at all likely—it’ll definitely remain relevant for the duration of your lifetime.

Crosses can also be tattooed in a variety of ways. They can be simple and small or large and intricate. In that sense, they are a very good way of expressing yourself via a traditional, well-known symbol.

9. Tribal Tattoos

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Tribal tattoos are difficult to explain, but also very easy to recognize. They are typically black with curves that almost end in points. Typically tattooed on the arm like an armband, the complex patterns convey masculinity and intimidation. They are common in Polynesia, and they are indicative of one’s rank in that society. They let other men know that you are a force that should not be confronted or messed with.

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10. The Nautical Star

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You might need be immediately familiar with the nautical star, which typically has five points. It is commonly seen on the sort of maps or charts used by sailors. Back in the day, it used to represent Polaris, also known as the North Star. So why is it a good tattoo for men? For one, it represents guidance and protection. What greater purpose could a man serve than guiding and protecting his spouse, children, and love ones? What the symbol represents perfectly explains why military types – in particular, the marines – often choose to have the nautical star tattooed on their body.

Centuries ago, sailors relied on the skies above—and the nautical star—to safely travel to the places they intended to visit. They also believed that the nautical star was a good luck charm, of sorts, and would eventually safely lead them after their voyage.

While the nautical star typically has five points, there is a variation of the design with six point that resembles and represents the Star of David. Said variation is understandably popular with sailors and military men who practice Judaism.

The nautical star tattoo is also commonly used by lesbians and gay men; to those communities, it represents their sexual preference.

The Nautical Star can also have eight points; in such a case, it represents the San Juan Cross. In general, the design of the Nautical Star—which is also popular with fans of punk music as well as heavy metal music—can be unique, which makes it popular with a wide variety of people.

In summation, there are many tattoos that men looking to ink themselves should consider. The tattoos look great and can convey something important about the bearer of the tattoo; however, it is important to remember that getting a tattoo can be and often is a life-long commitment, and therefore one should not get a tattoo without a great deal of though and introspection.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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