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10 Times Marvel Actors Became Internet Heroes For Being Awesome

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It seems that everything under Marvel label it is destined to be awesome! We have yet to see something that is not up to the usual level of production typical for Marvel Studios! All the ideas, the creative work, the characters, the actors and the effects are beyond amazing and fans all around the world are in love with everything released by the company. But there is something even better about Marvel and this is the variety of actors with amazing personalities. You are about to see these cool people become even cooler by showing just how great they are! Check out the list and enjoy it!

1. Robert Downey Jr. needs no introduction

Image Source: Twitter

RDJ is easily one of the best actors ever! His charms and the strong charisma set him apart and he is recognizable everywhere he goes. However, he has proven that the personality of a man can make him greater than any skill he might possess! RDJ did it once again after Marvel announced the official release date of the Avengers: Infinity War movie. He responded to the social media post by politely asking if it could be done earlier. This is what Marvel replied:

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, Downey’s request was taken into account and Marvel treated him with respect and he deserves it, of course! This was the reason fans loved the actor even more, because he made it possible for them to see the movie earlier than expected! What a legend that man is! This is only one of the numerous times RDJ proved that acting cool is nothing. You need to be cool in real life and all the time if you want people to accept you like that!

2. Chadwick Boseman trolled Chris Hemsworth for his birthday on an epic scale

Image Source: Imgur

Boseman seems to be the kind of person who can take a joke and also create one with style! It takes a perfect sense of humor to be able to nail the perfect way to troll someone and he succeeded when Chris Hemsworth’s birthday came. Boseman decided to congratulate him on social media and his post was more than enough to leave all the fans of both actor in awe and laughing out loud! The belated birthday wish was actually a hint about the mistake Thor made in Infinity War. This is such a clever way to troll a friend and a colleague and we are sure that Hemsworth had a lot of fun with that comment. After all, he is a great person and knows how to take a joke. He probably also agreed about Thor’s mistake, too.

3. Celebrity friends are obviously divided into teams

Image Source: Twitter

When Jimmy Kimmel is related to something, you can bet that it is a lot of fun. The situation you are about to see will show you that! Everything happened within a couple of tweets! Kimmel replied to a tweet by Ben Affleck containing a news story about Matt Damon replacing Affleck with Chris Hemsworth as his new best friend. Affleck decided to fool around and wished the two of them all the best! He also mentioned that he had a thing about Kimmel. The host did not hesitate long and replied that he was always fond of Batman, using the specific hashtag #TeamBatman. But there was much more than that!

Image Source: Imgur

Hemsworth decided to say what he had to say and Kimmel probably had a blast reading it. When you think about what Thor had to say, you will realize that there is actually another Avenger named Chris, which makes the whole post epic! Chris Hemsworth is super cool!

4. Mark Ruffalo tried to play it funny and it worked, actually

Image Source; Twitter

Mark Ruffalo is one of those people who you immediately like the moment you see them. There is something about him that says ‘I am just a great guy and this is written on my face’. This is the reason he has a huge fan base which probably grew even bigger after what he did last year! You probably remember how he accidently live-streamed the first scenes of Thor: Ragnarok which was an epic fail! This was the last thing that was supposed to happen but it did! This was the reason why the actor posted this! He actually asked if Marvel could give him back his phone, implying that they took it away from him in case to prevent another live broadcast.

Image Source: Imgur

As you all know, Tom Holland also let a huge spoiler come out and that was a major mistake. After he did it, the producers decided to ban him from having access to big and important portions of the movie script, and for good reason! They were worried that he might actually spoil something else and decided not to take any chances. Of course, this was a problem and after Ruffalo’s live-stream, Holland tried to make himself look better and wanted the script back! He literally stepped on Ruffalo’s fault and claimed he was no longer the worst at keeping secrets.

5. Tom Holland is also good at trolling, apparently

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Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, the actor is quite good at trolling and reminding obvious facts that are also painful to remember! We do not need for someone to remind us that Spider-Man died in Infinity War. This was the saddest moment in the Marvel history and we are extremely sad that it happened. As you can see, Holland was truly savage in his tweet! The sarcasm is obvious! The hype everyone felt about the upcoming Far From Home movie was sacked by this brutally honest post.

6. Chris Hemsworth strikes again

Image Source: Twitter

This birthday photo seems to be normal and it actually is! The celebration took a turn for the worse but we were unable to see the action. As the actor shared himself, everything happened seconds after the photo was taken. His son’s ninja skills proved to be superb because he attacked daddy, literally pushing his head into the cake! The trouble was that the candles were still burning!

Hemsworth decided to laugh about it and even showed his brilliant sense of humor by saying that he would gladly replace his buddy Ryan Reynolds if he decided to quit for some reason. He implied that he would be perfect for the part because of his severe burns.

Image Source: YouTube

As you can see, Reynolds had something to say about that. He shared that his little girl just stabbed him in the eye which would be the ideal reason for them to switch roles. This is a typical response for him and this is why he so many people’s favorites.

7. Ryan Reynolds will always be among our favorites

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see in the image above, Reynolds is not just a funny guy. Having a sense of humor is one thing but he takes is to a whole new height! The actor is able to use every situation in his favor and troll whoever he wants. The curious thing is that he is able to react fast and make it seem like he plotted the whole thing for a much longer time. This example is a typical Reynolds gig.

8. Reynolds was able to choose a side in the rivalry between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

Image Source: Twitter

We love such feuds between actors defending their characters. When someone takes a side, the others either act offended or dare them to do something. We guess that it is pretty obvious that Reynolds chose a side. This did not make RDJ happy and he also responded in the best possible way! All the hundreds of thousands of fans reading these funny posts are probably as happy to see them as we are. This makes the bond between the actors and the audience stronger!

9. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark may have started a feud but they are an epic duo

Image Source: Twitter

This something that nobody could possibly argue about! The funny comparison RDJ came up with is straight on point and we really do think that there is a resemblance. The fact that Downey Jr. thinks of Evans in this way is all the fans need to know. Marvel never had a more iconic duo.

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Evans could not agree more and he posted an even better comparison post. He is happy to be part of the Marvel team and he is clearly proud to be by RDJ’s side.

10. Mark Ruffalo also likes funny comparison photos

Image Source: Twitter

All the Marvel actors are professionals and they are also cool as individuals but those featured on this list seem to be equally entertaining in real life as they are in their movies! As you can see, Ruffalo also used Twitter to make a funny comparison regarding Chris Hemsworth. It seems that following these brilliant actors on Twitter is like watching a social media reality show.There is always something happening that is worth seeing! We love all of these people and every new role they create is highly admired by many people, including us.

Written by Nick Martin

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