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13 Random Images That Will Amuse And Puzzle You

Image Source: BrightSide

We always strive to show you things you have never seen before and this list is another attempt to do so. You will find some curious things when you scroll down and you can bet that some of them will amuse you or make you chuckle while the rest will puzzle you. Photos that can make you wonder why someone did something or how something happened are definitely the kind of content we strive to deliver. Enjoy the list below!

1. Musicians these days are pulling off crazy stunts

Image Source: The Chive

We live in interesting times. Nothing is what it used to be fifteen or twenty years ago because new trends shaped every aspect of our lives. The rapid development of technology also had a massive influence because it empowered people to do things they never thought were possible before. As you can see, even things like music look and sound different nowadays. This is a house musician who decided to take advantage of the technology available today and chose an interesting outfit that is both cool and probably a bit creepy.

2. Now this is one interesting solution

Image Source: Imgur

Problem solving is actually a skill that not everyone possesses. Of course, this is fine and dandy! Not everyone is obliged to be capable of completing every random task that they stumble upon. There are specialists that take care of the different things you might find to be a problem. However, people are sometimes stubborn enough to go ahead and do something that is definitely a specialist’s job. The result of such an effort is a disaster in most cases. As you can see, the person who tried to fill in the hole in the wall failed on an epic scale.

3. This ad is really extra

Image Source: eBaum’s World

People try to develop their businesses in the best possible way. As you can see, sometimes certain business owners try to present their services in the most controversial way possible. We have no idea why the main accent in this ad was the fact that nobody was going to fart inside the customers’ cars. Every customer would expect that nobody would do such a thing regardless of who needs to repair the car. It sounds absurd but we hope it is actually a winning tactic.

4. Avatars are not a good idea sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see here, this person learned a valuable lesson the hard way. This person tried to enter his own house but the software he used to restrict control by locking the door when it sees a stranger refused to let him in. The reason is more than obvious! The person chose to register and create an account and used a Batman image instead of uploading his own photo! We have no idea what was this man thinking but we are sure he resolved this issue. We are also sure that he also changed his profile picture immediately after that.

5. We continue the list with another awesome sign

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that if you need to advertise your business locally, you definitely need a sign. Of course, only a sign that is big enough would do the trick. The trouble is that these big signs cost a lot of money and you need to be really careful about the info you choose to display. The content and the message you send to the customers is crucial for your business! As you can see,, the owner of this business either chose a different and innovative approach or simply ignored all marketing rules and just decided to pay for a sign. This is not a profitable tactic.

6. Dad jokes have a point sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

Who doesn’t love dad jokes? We will tell you who – the people who are forced to hear them all the time and who are also forced to laugh at them! However, we need to admit that in certain cases the typical dad jokes are replaced with clever ones that actually make you think. This is the perfect example! It sounds ridiculous but when you read it again and think about it, the statement is technically correct and this is what makes is so funny and witty!

7. Here is a description like we have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we stumble upon things like the one you see here! This is a real textbook and it is by no means something made up just for fun. The main reason we refused to believe that this could be possible is that no textbook editor would allow for such a text or illustration to be included in it! The style and images should respond to the typical textbook level and we believe that this is a lot different than the level we mean.

8. This is the most unusual fridge we have ever seen

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

As beer lovers and enthusiasts, we firmly believe that a separate fridge for the beverages at home is a must have! This is not an unnecessary extra or just a pricey addition to your lifestyle. Sure enough, you could brag about it, but this is not the main reason to have it. However, some people obviously go further and they have a beverage fridge in the bathroom! Maybe it would be a better idea if the fridge could be opened while you take a shower so you don’t have to step out of it.

9. Here is something you will surely never see again

Image Source: Imgur

You probably took a long good look at those images, right? This is the shortest, weirdest and most action-packed comic ever! These couple of images provoke so many questions that we have no idea where to start! First of all, who is the mastermind behind all of this? Second, is this duck the villain or the hero? Why is there a banana phone and why the thugs are actually bananas made to look like ducks? We have so many questions that we cannot believe this is real!

10. Some life hacks are simply not what you’d expect

Image Source: Imgur

We need to admit that knowing as many life hacks as possible would definitely come as an advantage when you need that extra bit of knowledge or resources. This happens more than often so you better be prepared. The hack you see is really unusual. It turns out that you can clean stained copper with ketchup! We have no idea how it works and we guess we will just give it a go.

11. Sometimes social media ruins your favorite things

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than certain that everyone has favorite cartoons, TV shows, books and movies. We all remember watching them with the greatest joy a human being could experience. They are flawless in our minds. Unfortunately, a day may come when your perception of these favorite things may be shattered to bits! This is what happened after we saw this analysis of Sponge Bob. The way that someone revealed a particularly dark secret about the series really changed the way we accept it.

12. Here is why we love Amazon

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of cool things about Amazon and there is no wonder why so many people choose it when they need to buy stuff. But our favorite things are not the items of the customer service. We simply love reading customer reviews! Many people use the fields where they are supposed to leave a review to show off their comedy skills! As you can see, someone took their time to write the funniest advice ever! The sarcasm overflows from every word and we love it.

13. There seems to be a mix-up here

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and one of the easiest ways to be happy is to get a dog! They are bundles of joy and happiness that is contagious! This brings us to this photo. If you notice the sticker on the back window of this SUV, there was supposed to be a golden retriever inside! The dog that popped out the window is definitely a husky! There is something about that situation that we don’t get at all.

14. Sometimes manuals suggest crazy things

Image Source: Reddit

We can all agree that safety and instruction manuals are a must! Every product needs to have a manual in order for people to use it or operate it as they should. However, we tend to think that in certain cases manufacturers include the craziest things in these manuals! As you can see, this is an image showing what to avoid in order for your new keyboard to remain intact. We guess that nobody could pull off that trick even if they wanted.

15. Now this is a proper photo to end the list with

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is curious and puzzling at the same time! We struggled to guess what the sign says but it is impossible because it is literally embedded in that three! We have no idea how it happened but we guess that the tree bark slowly engulfed the sign. There is something quite eerie about this image but we still want to know what that sign says!

Written by Nick Martin

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