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25 Hilarious Reactions To The First Photos Taken By NASA’s InSight Mars Lander

Image Source: Twitter

The InSight robotic lander was launched in the beginning of May and it reached successfully the surface of Mars just a few days ago. This is an important step in mankind’s attempts to explore the universe. The craft was able to take and send a couple of photos immediately after landing. This resulted in a lot of funny responses by different people online and you are about to see some of the best ones!

1. Here is one of the photos the lander sent after touching Mars’ surface

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the photos sent by the lander. The cover of the lens was not removed and the image is kind of blurry but it is still good enough to give an idea about the planet. It is nothing surprising but still curious to see.

2. The trolling began with some clever images

Image Source: Twitter

This person decided to troll NASA in style by uploading this image! He suggested that the second photo probably looked like this! Of course, it did not, but this does not mean that there is no life on Mars. Maybe we are just not looking around and checking all the right places.

3. This is technically correct

Image Source/; Twitter

We always love to see people with a different point of view. Mainstream thinking is one thing but seeing the big picture from a different perspective is a completely different story. This person was able to create a brilliant setup with an impressive caption which is actually correct. You can see the Milky Way from Mars for real!

4. We expected this one as well

Image Source: Twitter

Here is an idea that probably a lot of people had when they saw the original photo! The sarcasm of the person behind this piece is admirable and we love seeing such clever things. It seems that there is at least one Starbucks location everywhere you can possibly go and someone added it to the original image.

5. Here is something unexpected

Image Source: Twitter

This image was supposed to show the landing of the craft in a way that nobody would expect. Of course, there are no cats in space but we still like the way someone added this curious kitty to the image. If there were actually cats on Mars, this was how they would greet the lander for sure.

6. Some suggestions are brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that if you want to make something funnier, you need to add an unexpected twist to it! This is what someone did with the image you see! The suggestion that someone actually took a photo of the machine while standing next to it is very funny and also extremely clever. Conspiracy theorists would be amused by this piece for sure.

7. This image raises a question

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a funny image that we really liked! It also sparked a very reasonable question. What is the solution when the lens of the camera gets dirty? We guess that the engineers at NASA figured that out while designing the craft. Maybe there is nothing but a nozzle blasting compressed air at the lens which should do the trick.

8. Here is one nice comparison

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes a comparison is enough to make you laugh. The case here is exactly the same! Someone posted a couple of photos suggesting that they feature the same object. Of course, nobody could mistake a pancake for the actual moon. We guess that it doesn’t look convincing enough.

9. This is a really intense scene

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned before, people are able to troll everyone and everything. All they need is a topic and you start creating and writing things that you are pumped about. Of course, in some cases the trolling is done because it just had to exist! We hope that the lander was fast enough and everyone escaped this collision! Elon Musk probably found it to be intense.

10. Here is another brilliant example

Image Source: Twitter

Quality sense of humor is the best quality anyone could possibly possess. Some people are lucky enough to have it and when it is combined with a clever mind and a lot of sarcasm, the combination is more than good! As you can see, someone suggested what the actual first image of Mars was and we guess that is kind of sad to see it.

11. This is our favorite image on the list

Image Source: Twitter

We love cartoons and especially the Looney Tunes series and all the characters involved. Marvin The Martian was definitely of the most recognizable characters of them all! Seeing how someone came up with the idea to troll NASA by putting him in the photo made us chuckle and we think that it is hilarious! Maybe someone would say that it needs to be more realistic but that is not the point here.

12. Here is one interesting suggestion

Image Source: Twitter

Humans have a long history of conquering new grounds from native tribes. In some cases these natives paid a high price for just happening to be at that time and place. This was probably the reason someone decided to interpret the landing of this craft in the same way by adding a tribe in photo.

13. The Simpsons always predicted the future

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Image Source: Twitter

You probably know this, but if you missed it by any chance, check the story online. The Simpsons is a unique series in many ways but one of the most intriguing ones is the writers’ ability to predict the future! They have done it numerous times and we hope that this episode was not a prophecy! Of course, this is unlikely to happen, but we cannot be absolutely sure.

14. Here is one spooky image

Image Source: Twitter

Some suggestions are borderline genius because they look realistic enough to make you think. This one is not plausible at all yet the image itself looks a bit disturbing. Maybe the whole effect was created by the way the image looks like and the seamless addition of this creepy astronaut to the original photo of the lander.

15. Here is another one of our personal favorites on the list

Image Source: Twitter

We need to admit that the idea of adding Godzilla to a Mars photo is a bit weird. First of all, the image of the beast was not cropped from one of the movies. It is a toy! Second, if we imagine that this could be possible, this would mean that there is water on Mars, because Godzilla needs it!

16. This is a really sweet image

Image Source: Twitter

We felt really nostalgic after we saw this image. E.T. definitely needs a second chance a remake of the movie is a must! Someone obviously felt the same way and this is why they added the friendliest movie alien to the lander photo! Of course, the photo does not look menacing at all and all E.T. wants is to talk to someone!

17. These associations never end

Image Source: Twitter

There were all kinds of images posted online after the lander sent the first couple of photographs. Many people began their comparisons and posted images of pancakes, potatoes and even eggs! We guess that the egg in this photo has a certain resemblance with the Red Planet but it is not close enough!

18. Droids are always welcome

Image Source: Twitter

You probably already guessed that there was going to be at least one Star Wars-related image on this list. Of course, the list would be never complete without this entry! As you can see, they appear to be in perfect harmony with the scenery and it seems as if it was their natural habitat. We can already hear R2-D2’s cute sounds!

19. We really liked this one

Image Source: Twitter

Some of the image posted by different users after the lander sent the first photos are more than funny. People tend to be more than expressive sometimes and they react in a different manner. This person obviously felt like a conqueror and his kitchen utensils outfit is actually a bit impressive.

20. Now this is rather curious

Image Source: Instagram

We are not fans of conspiracy theories and we believe that the lander really made it to Mars and the images are genuine. However, suggestions like the one above appear to be more than plausible! This part of the lander really looks like it has layers of duct tape all over it and we need to know if this is real or not!

21. Here is some fine trolling

Image Source: Instagram

This image is similar to the Starbucks-themed one in the beginning of the list. We guess that this Walmart is supposed to be located in the same area. Imagine the hypothetical reality that there was a Wakmart on Mars. They would probably rename it to Walmars.

22. Here is one professional collage

Image Source: Twitter

We love people with creative and sarcastic minds. Their sense of humor can be expressed in numerous ways and you see one of them pictured above. Someone was able to blend an old conspiracy theory photo suggesting that there was a life form spotted and described as similar to a meerkat. This caused many people to believe the photos were from Earth instead of taken on another planet.

23. Things get stranger by the minute

Image Source: Twitter

Someone decided to take a closer look at one of the images and stumbled upon something curious. One of the reflections looks like a humanoid! Of course, it can only be the shadow of a piece of the lander but we can never be sure.

24. We got Mars bar cravings after we saw this image

Image Source: Twitter

If have ever wondered about how Mars looked like on the inside, look no further! Of course, this has nothing to do with the Red Planet. Still. It is technically correct and we love the sarcasm loaded in this image.

25. This is not plausible at all

Image Source: Twitter

At least we hope it is not! Seeing the Aliens trying to fool the lander and preventing it from taking photos of their actual homes made us chuckle. The image was made to appear realistic and we loved the idea behind it.

Written by Nick Martin

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