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11 Examples of Pics That Show Just How Bold People And Animals Can Be

Image Source: The Chive

A lot of people choose to play it safe. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can be audacious, and that is probably a good thing.

Still, we wouldn’t be where we are as a planet if people didn’t get a little bold and impudent once in a while. It is the fearless people who really change societies, and those societies are often changed for the better. In general, you have to respect people who are willing to risk it all.

Here are twelve examples of pictures that show just how bold people—as well as animals—can really be.

1. The Guy Who Went to Art School

Image Source: Twitter

In general, I consider going to any sort of art school a bold move. This is coming from a guy who has a degree in English. I also minored in French. At a certain point, they stopped teaching me the language and all of its little nuances—they just made me read a bunch of poems written in French centuries ago. I also have a minor in theatre. I am sure you can imagine how useful both of those minors are to a guy who lives near Philadelphia. The answer, if you’re actually wondering, is not at all. The fact of the matter is that there are few employers out there who care if you know who wrote “Tartuffe”.

Fortunately, I went to a university that was relatively cheap. This guy clearly did not go to a cheap university. It frequently amazes me that people who are just 18 are allowed to make very expensive decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

For Bill’s sake, though, I hope art school paid off. It would be nice to think he has a bunch of paintings in a fancy gallery in New York City or London. I doubt it, however. When I was in school, I knew a girl who majored in photography. She never became a photographer. I am not sure if she ever once got paid to take a picture. She ended up becoming a librarian somehow. I am not really sure how that happened.

2. Laura and the Guy and the Texts

Image Source: Reddit

I am sort of at the point in my life where offering to buy a drink for a woman seems like a bold move, so my perspective on this particular situation could be a little off. I really do have to give credit to this guy for hitting on Laura in such a cheesy way. Honestly, I don’t think the little jokes are all that bad. I actually think the guy is kind of clever.

I’m not sure why he chose to make his joke aviation-themed, though. I suppose it is possible that he is a pilot. She might be a pilot, too.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a pilot. I wish I could have become one. They make really decent money. In the United States, they make over $100,000 a year. Furthermore, they get to travel all over the world. I haven’t left my house today, and I probably won’t.

3. The Person Talking About Eating Pets and People

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t imagine this person has many friends after posting this. No one, at least in the United States, wants to be friends with a person who even jokes about eating the sorts of animals most of us keep as pets.

I wouldn’t eat my dog even if I just happened to be starving to death. For one, he is tiny, so it would be extremely pointless. I do hope, however, that he would eat my dead body if something went horribly wrong. As I am much larger than he is, I could probably keep him going until someone rescued him. He probably wouldn’t be the best pet after that, though. I can’t imagine he would be adopted—certainly not by a family with small children in the house. Not many people look to adopt a dog with a taste for human flesh.

Who jokes about eating other people? That is even more disturbing than jokes about eating a dog. I actually did a little research regarding what human flesh tastes like, which is a decision I now regret because I am getting weird ads. In case you are curious, human flesh has been described as tasting a lot like pork. Other people have said it tastes a lot like veal.

There are people out there who still eat other people. For example, there is a tribe in New Guinea that still does so. It would be an interesting experience, I suppose, but I still don’t want to hang out with those people. I’ll just have a heart attack and die in a hospital—thank you very much.

4. The Parking Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

People who enforce parking laws are some of the boldest people on the planet, frankly. They’re bolder than real police officers—the kind that, you know, actually save lives and solve crimes.

People who issue parking tickets believe that the law is the law and there are no extenuating circumstances. I was once in Brooklyn and parked my car in a very legal spot. Well, it was legal at the time I parked. I was supposed to move my car the next day because of street cleaning or some such nonsense. Well, I would have, except there was a blizzard. I could barely get out of my friend’s apartment building. I certainly couldn’t have moved my car. There was too much snow. The city was basically shut down, but the people that issued tickets were out anyway, and I ended up having to pay over $100.

5. The Beard

Image Source: Twitter

The beard isn’t falling off. It is just the shirt of the guy behind him that makes it appear like it is.
If you’re not familiar, Drake is an actor, singer, and rapper from Canada. He currently resides in California, and he is worth over $100 million. Even if you don’t make it a point to listen to contemporary music, there is a very good chance you have heard his work.

6. The Garlic Bread

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

There isn’t a lot of garlic bread here considering the size of the container. Why do companies have to be so misleading? I am sure that the garlic bread is good and all—if you like that sort of stuff—but there should be a lot more of it. This is a bold company.

I hope the person that bought this didn’t pay too much.

Honestly, I don’t much care for garlic bread. As I can’t stand the taste of cheese, I certainly wouldn’t enjoy this particular product. I am also not a huge fan of garlic. A little bit, as far as I am concerned, goes a long way.

7. The Person Who Complained About The Job

Image Source: Reddit

You shouldn’t complain about your job on social media. You probably shouldn’t complain about it period—except to your spouse, romantic partners, and parents. To do so otherwise is a bold move, but it is also a stupid one.

I am being a hypocrite of sorts, though. I have complained about my job before—not this one. I like this job a lot, actually, but I have had several terrible jobs in the course of my lifetime. I once had a boss who was a horrible racist, and she wasn’t even the worst person at that company. She was up there, though, in terms of being horrible. The CEO was a truly vile human being who had been in prison for a pretty serious crime at one point. How was I supposed to respect him?

I also once worked at a college run by a moron. The “president” was clearly going through the early stages of dementia; I would have felt sorry for him if he didn’t make my work life a living hell.

8. The Pet

Image Source: Twitter

I would be sort of intimidated in such a situation. Pets can be very creepy and very manipulative.
I love my dog, but he scares me at times. Even though he is tiny, I would definitely die if he were to bite my neck in the wrong place. I would also die if he were to bite my wrist in the wrong place. Dogs have strong jaws.

He also just likes to stare at people. His eyes look sad, but it also looks like he is plotting something devious.

He is a pretty bold animal, really.

9. The Old People

Image Source: Twitter

The fact of the matter is that people who are over the age of fifty or so do like to complain about how things used to be. I’m many years away from fifty, personally, and I still complain about how things used to be.

There is a lot to complain about, admittedly; still, there are a lot of things to be happy about. It was hard to get a job twenty years ago, for example. Arguably, it still is. LinkedIn is, frankly, obnoxious, but it does help.

Dating in this day and age is tough—I understand why people rely on dating apps. After you graduate from university, there is no good place to meet quality people. You can go to bars, I guess, but you’re not going to meet the best of the best there. If you’re lucky, you will meet acceptable people. At a certain point, though, you will need to settle for acceptable. Many people have done just that.

10. The Birthday

Image Source: The Chive

This is sort of depressing, but also sort of bold. Someone is clearly celebrating his or her own birthday on his or her own. I am not sure why that person didn’t actually make the cake; then again, when there is only you there to eat it, I can see why you might not care to go through the effort.
Once you reach a certain age, birthdays become very depressing things. I remember the days when I waited for my birthday. There were all sorts of things to anticipate. I’m old enough, though, that the thought of another birthday just makes me want to toss myself into the nearest river.

11. The Thing

Image Source: Reddit

It is a sort of bold move to ask for the internet’s opinion regarding a thing you made that apparently has no real purpose. That’s basically asking for insults.

People were nicer than I thought they would be. Personally, I don’t like the color. Pink can be a lovely color, but I don’t like this particular shade. I don’t need to point out the other flaws.

Why would you want to put a candle in the middle of whatever this is? You can put a candle in the middle of many things; for example, you could put one in the middle of a donut. That doesn’t make the donut a candleholder. It just makes you weird.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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