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16 Photos That Will Definitely Warm Your Heart

Image Source: Reddit

One of the easiest ways to feel good and lift your spirits is to do something nice for someone. It might just be a kind word, but it would be more than enough. Just one word could actually mean the world to some poor soul that seems to be lost. This is when the magic happens. One person does something nice and everyone involved feels better about it. There are a lot of heartwarming stories to see online, and they will surely have a positive effect on you. This is why we created the following list which consists of images full of positivity and good vibes. Enjoy them and spread the goodness!

1. It is good when justice is finally served

Image Source: GU

They say that there is justice for all, but in some cases it is served when it is almost too late. Well, better late than never, we guess. The case with a man named Valentino Dixon is the best example. After he was convicted for a murder he did not commit, Dixon spent 26 years in prison. When he sent drawings of golf holes and a note to the Golf Digest editorial department, the people there decided to study the case and the events that followed led to conviction of the real murderer.

2. This is an amazing idea

Image Source: NY Public Library

The idea behind every library is to give everyone an opportunity to read books without the need to purchase them. It seems that the same idea can be applied for a lot of different things as well. New York Public Library’s management probably realized that, so they came up something amazing. They offer their clients to lend fashion accessories such as ties for events like weddings of work interviews. We think that the idea is amazing.

3. Here is what humanity is all about

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really inspiring story! The girl who posted this has clearly been through a real nightmare, but she was saved by a stranger! This is an admirable thing to do, because not everyone would do the same! Even better, the stranger turned out to be more than just the girl’s rescuer! He really wanted to make sure that she was okay and we cannot believe how thoughtful he is! People should care for each other even though they are strangers.

4. This is the finest form of customer care

Image Source: Reddit

We have all been in a situation where our flight was delayed or cancelled and we know that it can be extremely frustrating! However, it doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience! One airline decided to show that the customers matter and an improvised food stand was arranged. Even though the flight was delayed by only an hour, the stand offered warm food and water to everyone who waited there.

5. It takes a bit of an effort to change someone’s day completely

Image Source: Reddit

We often have the chance to do something for another human being or an animal. Every small act of kindness counts! As you can see, having the right attitude towards the homeless can change their world! The man who kneeled before this homeless person gave him a nice clean shave and even used a razor! It took him a small amount of time, but you can bet that it really brought a change in both people’s day!

6. Helping others in a time of need is everything

Image Source: Reddit

Hurricane Florence was a major disaster! It took the lives of people and deprived others from everything they own, including their homes! In such a time of need it is essential for them to get as much help as possible. Duracell decided to send mobile charging stations to the devastated areas. The crews offered free charging of different devices and they also gave away batteries for free. This is an amazing act of kindness in a time of great need.

7. We love Kevin Smith

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a cool and humble person, you will probably still be the same if you become rich and famous. We believe that Kevin Smith has always been the great guy we all know he is. But these photos reveal something about him we didn’t even know was possible. Smith apparently has a disposable camera with him all the time, so if a fan asks for a selfie and doesn’t have a camera or a phone, the actor will be prepared for it! After printing the photos he uploads them on social media! What a legend!

8. Helping a person in need is sometimes easy

Image Source: Reddit

This is one simple story that you have probably seen or you have been involved in one yourself. Of course, it shows everything good about human nature and we want to see more of it. After an Uber Ests driver’s car battery failed, some employees and another customer immediately went and helped him. They were able to jumpstart the car and the Uber Eats driver was able to deliver the food.

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9. This man is devoted to feeding the homeless

Image Source: Reddit

A user on Reddit posted a photo of this person who was apparently known as Eric the Sandwich Man. Eric is a volunteer who feeds the homeless and hungry people in the NY subway. He does this regularly and the amazing part is that he started his noble mission fifteen years ago! This amazing human being deserves all the credit and recognition he can get for his selfless act!

10. Here is why we don’t deserve dogs

Image Source: Reddit

Meet Morty, a brave rescue dog with a big heart and no fear! Morty was a part of the rescue operation which was engaged after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Morty was riding a helicopter when he smelled that someone was in need, so without a second to hesitate, the brave dog jumped from about thirty feet. This is real courage! Morty also took part in the rescue operations that followed Hurricane Florence.

11. War buddies look after each other

Image Source: Reddit

People should always be kind to animals when they are in need! Even if we are not able to save an animal in distress or we are not sure if it is going to make it, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try! This soldier realized that his service dog would be hurt in the scorching heat. When the temperatures passed 117F (47C), he picked up the dog to save its paws from getting burned by the hot ground. This is one true hero!

12. Kids are pure and innocent

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really sweet story that got us smiling from ear to ear! As you can see, this uncle has the best nephew in the world. He simply tried to make the kid eat less junk food and sweets, but the kid did not understand what was going on! The little boy only cared about his uncle, so a plan was hatched immediately. Just look at that cute face! The uncle must be very proud!

13. Hercules is our new hero

Image Source: Facebook

This incredible story shows that nothing happens without a reason! After Hercules’ sister got adopted, it was time for her new family to take her home. It seems that little Hercules knew what was about to happen and he acted fast! The small black kitten hid in the back of the carrier before the other feline got inside. As you can see, the plan was a success and Hercules surprised everyone. Nobody could resist that face and the brains behind it, so the family kept Hercules, too.

14. Patience is the key to everything

Image Source: Reddit

Patience is a virtue! We have all heard that old saying. Everyone who thinks is a joke is wrong. It is the key to everything, and we must all possess that virtue! The photo above shows a patient young man who spent twenty minutes with an elderly stranger who asked him for assistance with his smartphone. The younger person taught him how to use Google Maps and the GPS. It is a small act of kindness and those twenty minutes surely meant a lot for the elderly man. We like seeing how people respect and help each other.

15. The cat whisperer

Image Source: Reddit

One Reddit user posted this adorable photo and explained what was going on. The man in the photo was known to feed the stray cats every day for years! As you can see, the felines are more than happy! The person who took the photo added that they can sense him coming and become excited about it! The man also finds homes for a lot of cats. What a true legend! The way we treat animals says a lot about us.

16. This police officer took on a challenge

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really wholesome thing to see! When a class of four-graders asked this police officer to take the same math test as they had to take, he accepted! We don’t know if he passed the test, but the willingness and support he had for the kids is amazing.

Written by Nick Martin

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