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13 Things From Jim Carrey Movies That We Could Only Get As Adults

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Jim Carrey is one of the best and most admired actors of the 90’s, and all of us that grew up in that time are probably familiar with his movies. He was able to pull off amazing roles and made us laugh our pants off. However, there were some jokes here and there that did not seem that funny back then, but re-watching those movies is a whole new thing – it gives you the right idea for sure.

1. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls


There’s an interesting scene here when Cadby just thought that he got away when he bumped into a gorilla.

Unfortunately for him, it was the peak of the mating season, and immediately after there was some heavy shaking in the bushes. Every adult knows why, unlike 7-year-olds.

2. Dumb and Dumber

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There is a good reason this movie is PG-13 rated. Remember the scene featuring Lloyd in a bathroom stall? Most kids must have been more or less confused about it, and no wonder; it definitely had some scenes that were totally inappropriate for children.

3. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

MRW when my GF caught me looking at porn.

Ace got very fond of the Wachati Princess, and one of the scenes showed him getting caught while pleasuring himself. However, most kids watching that probably did not get it or they were simply told that he was actually going to the bathroom.

4. Ace Ventura

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In the beginning of Ace Ventura, the pet detective returns a lost Shih Tzu to his owner, and she offers a different kind of payment, after which she takes his pants off and goes down, while Ace is losing it out of joy. No explanation needed here.

5. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

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In the end of the movie Ace is forced to make a run for it after everyone realized that the princess was not a virgin anymore. Guess why? Because the pet detective took her virginity, that’s why. Not many kids probably got that.

6. Dumb and Dumber

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When the two main characters complained that the only jobs they could find had a 40-hour work week, we probably did not find that funny, but from today’s perspective a 40-hour week sound like a good wish or a pleasant dream.

7. Dumb and Dumber

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Just as Harry and Lloyd thought that they found out what was Mary’s last name, every adult watching burst into laughter, but not us kids. How could we probably know that Samsonite was actually the briefcase’s manufacturer?

8. The Mask


In one of the scenes the main character overacts heavily, pretending that he won an Oscar, but a few people realized that the whole scene actually refers to a real speech. Apparently Sally Field had an epic speech at the 1985 Academy Awards.

9. The Mask

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Prior to the above mentioned scene, The Mask had another performance which was also a reference, but we still don’t get it and we do not have the slightest idea to who is he referring about. It is a brilliant performance, though.

10. The Mask

Image Source: TUMBLR

There is no doubt that the mechanics were quite rude with Stanley Ipkiss, but not rude enough to have some car parts shoved up their behinds. And while it was not shown up close in the movie, but you can be sure that we’re talking about exactly that because one of the police officers mentions that a proctologist will be needed on site.

11. Liar, Liar


The first moment when Fletcher realized that he was unable to lie was after he apparently had some intimacy with a woman, but being kids we surely did not get it. After all, the phrase ‘I’ve had better’ could have a lot of different meanings to a child.

12. Ace Ventura

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When Melissa stayed over at the pet detective’s place, the bed was shaking oddly, and then she said to him ‘three times’. None of the kids watching probably got that, and the parents were surely reluctant to answer if their children asked about that scene.

13. The Mask

Image Source: TUMBLR

When the main character tried to distract a group of thugs by making a balloon animal, it was actually not a balloon. That’s right; it was a condom that looked like it was used. Our childhood is totally ruined.

Written by Nick Martin

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