13 Times Disney Got Lazy And Used The Same Illustrations For Different Movies

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We all have times when laziness takes the best of us and we are not as productive as we should be. However, in many cases some work needs your attention, so being lazy makes you think of new and improved ways to get things done without putting much effort. This is exactly what the people at Disney have done in several productions when they were able to use the same illustrations more than once and we have gathered them for you to see.

1. Snow White and Robin Hood


Snow White is one the biggest classics made by Disney, so if they would use scenes from one production in other, this would be the perfect source. The moves of the characters are basically the same, and even that little guy in front is reproduced as well.

2. Snow White and Robin Hood

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Another common scene between the two films is the one pictured here. You begin to wonder if Maid Marian is jealous of Snow White and desperately tries to replicate her. The two productions have 36 years between them, so Disney could have been probably bit more original when making Robin Hood.

3. Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty


The waltz scenes are the same, and this is the reason they look identically awkward because of one detail. Ever noticed how nobody in the crowd moves a muscle? It is kind of creepy and it takes a lot of the scenes’ beauty.

4. The AristoCats and 101 Dalmatians


We are talking about just similarities here, or using the same idea more than once. The escape scene in these two productions is the same. We wonder what it would take for Disney to alter it at least a bit soit does not look that much identical.

5. Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians


We all know that cats react differently when they are scared or surprised, but not in the Disney movies, apparently. The way the felines in these two productions are scared is obviously the same, because the whole scene is the same as well.

6. The AristoCats and 101 Dalmatians

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Here is another proof of the above-mentioned argument. We imagine that it would not be that hard to create a different way of how an animated cat reacts when it’s scared, but it looks like the animators had something more important to think about.

7. The Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book


It seems that there is hardly a difference between dogs and wolfs, because they obviously react in the exact same way when they see their favorite human. In these two movies this happens because Disney used the same illustration.

8. The Jungle Book and Robin Hood


If you ever suspected that Little John and Baloo were actually the same character, you just might be on to something. Seeing these dance moves featured in both films, you cannot help but notice the obvious – they are exactly the same.

9. The Jungle Book and Robin Hood Again


The above statement just got cemented. There is hardly any other proof needed to figure out that they are one and the same. The probability that kids noticed that is very slim, and even we realized this resemblance just now.

10. The Jungle Book and Robin Hood Again And Again And Again


Another uncanny resemblance between the two movies is the goofy elephant featured in both of them. There is one particular scene that is obviously the same illustration.

11. Robin Hood and Snow White


Disney obviously got even lazier at times, because, as you can see, they copied even the way the characters clap. The whole thing is beginning to look like an universal assembly line for illustrations.

12. The Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh


Christopher Robin and Mowgli are two characters that have quite a lot in common; for example, they could both talk with animals. However, it seems that their rock throwing skills are the same as well.

13. Bambi and Alice in Wonderland


By now you already know that Disney’s artists have the habit of using the same illustration in different movies by simply adding the relevant characters’ personal details. However, there are cases like this one when there are very few differences and you would almost fail to guess which is which.

Written by Nick Martin

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