Top 15 Most Awkward Fashion Trends That Are Truly Shameful

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One of the ways individuals could express themselves is through fashion statements. Sometimes it’s hard to describe a feel or a certain mood with words, but fashion is always there to speak on anyone’s behalf.

While everyone has a unique perception of fashion and each person prefers a different style, we must admit that creating such a personal preference takes time, and we probably all go through some really shameful periods and trends in the process.

The following list is full of awkward examples of fashion trends that ultimately brought shame to those who applied them at some point, and you are likely to realize that you followed at least one of them for a while.

1. Plastic clothes are sadly a thing

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We kick this off with something bizarre. These clothes have ‘wrong’ written all over them – they look ridiculous and you begin to sweat almost immediately after putting them on, not to mention that they are very uncomfortable.

2. Everyone probably had or still has a pair of these

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The almighty crocs are probably the worst kind of footwear you could use. However, numerous designer attempts have been made to improve crocs and make them kind of cool, but this is impossible – crocs will never be cool.

3. Cargos are something you don’t want to wear

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Some middle-aged dads still find these good enough to wear, but let them be happy with it. Who needs those huge side pockets, anyway? It does not look good at all, not one tiny bit. If you ever bought a pair of these, make sure they stay brand new in the bottom of the closet.

4. Hopefully skorts will stay in the past

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To be honest, nobody is wearing skorts now, and for the past decade they have been gone for good. The alarming thing is that the 00s clothing style is being reinvented now, and we hope that nobody comes up with the idea to revive skorts.

5. Graphic T-shirts

Image Source: Chicks Rule

Graphic tees are only acceptable if they have a funny message or a certain cause printed on, for example. However, random T-shirt with pointless and absolutely unnecessary graphics on is not the thing you want to put on.

6. The tie belt trend

Image Source: Instagram

Whoever came up with this has no common sense at all. This trend became a thing and girls were snatching ties from their fathers’ wardrobes for the sole purpose to use them as belts. Yes, it sounds and looks bizarre, but it was a fact.

7. The hideous half-sweaters

Image Source: HBO

Even Carrie Bradshaw wore one of these monstrosities that were also known as shrugs. They were left in the past for good and they should stay there forever, because we never want to see this ridiculous thing on someone’s back.

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8. The sky-high platforms

Image Source: WWD

These are probably good only if they serve as a fashion statement or to be used in a music video, for example. However, the sky-high platforms, as well as the flatform sandals were not something you want to wear casually.

9. Ponchos are not okay to wear anymore

Image Source: Pinterest

This is a piece of clothing many of us had, and it must be considered as dark period that is best left forgotten. We still wonder who made ponchos popular and what did people see in them?

10. Those sweaters tied around the neck

Image Source: Ivy Style

Seeing even a picture of these is too much. If anyone still wears their sweater like that, we must be talking about some rich snob that would not stop bragging about this and that.

11. The strange sleeve trend

Image Source: Twitter

Something that would probably remain a mystery is how, where and when wearing short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved one did become a thing. We have always been baffled with this style and we are also sure that nobody even liked it that much.

12. Visible thongs are still a thing among some people

Image Source: Tumblr

This must have been considered to be sexy at one point, but it was a long, long time ago. So if anyone still finds this to be attractive is completely wrong. Please stop wearing thongs like that, nobody wants to see this.

13. Short tops that revealed the tummy

Image Source: YouTube

Thank God those were also left where they belong – in the 00s. It was a time when literally everyone wore these, even celebrities. Let’s hope that these would never be trendy again.

14. Everything Paris Hilton wore in The Simple Life

Image Source: Instagram

Miss Hilton is an icon, but there are things about her past fashion choices that nobody wants to see again. The Von Dutch trucker hats or the enormous sunglasses are left in the old days for good.

15. Fishnets are fading away as a trend, and they should

Image Source: Instagram

These odd things were something huge last year, but they will probably soon be gone as a trend. Even celebs like Kim K made the mistake to wear such things.

Written by Nick Martin

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