13 Jaw-Dropping Real Life Family Stories And Secrets

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Families have all kinds of internal drama and secrets that most often stay within the relatives. However, sometimes people are willing to speak about what happened inside their families, because they feel the need to share or they accept these secret as a burden that they no longer wish to carry inside them.

This is what some users on different social media platforms did. The stories may be weird, chilling or even hard to believe, but still they most likely happened.

1. Sounds like a hard thing to pull off

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A person told the story about a deceased uncle. Nobody knew that the man had a second wife for the past 25 years of his life, and the second wife was also not aware of his first one. He managed to do it by creating an equal environment; he bought identical houses and furniture and that surely was crucial to leading this double life.

2. This is unbelievable

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Another woman shared a chilling story. Apparently her aunt poisoned her grandmother with the sole intent to get her inheritance. What’s even worse about this is the fact that all the family members were aware of what happened, but they simply chose to not talk about it.

3. An awkward confession

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One Facebook user told the story about his dad who was a fraud and deceived thousands of people by claiming he invented a way to convert water into energy. He eventually went to prison for it. The son considered everything to be some sort of mistake, but his mom told him that his father has been in prison for the same thing prior to his birth.

4. Some secrets are well kept for decades

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A man told the story about his family, which he considered to have a rich and colorful family history, judging by his grandmother’s photo albums. His image of a perfect family was shattered to bits when recently his grandmother showed him a secret album, where his great-great-uncle was pictured in a SS Nazi uniform.

5. One of the strangest affairs ever

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Apparently some affairs are worthy of a Hollywood scenario. One girl told the story about her grandmother’s affair many years ago. She got pregnant from another man, and her husband decided to have his revenge and slept with that same man’s wife.

6. The father was not the one who everyone thought

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A woman revealed that her brother and his former wife used to be swingers. When she got pregnant and had their daughter, there was a guy who they introduced as a family friend who always came on celebrations about the little girl’s significant life events. Eventually a resemblance between the daughter and that family friend was noticed, but nobody spoke about it openly.

7. That’s a huge mash-up

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Another user revealed that her own mother gave birth to a girl at 16, so her grandmother decided to raise the child as her own. This means that in reality the user who shared the story has an aunt who is her biological sister.

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8. A secret involving heroism

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A female Facebook user told the story of her family. Apparently their Dutch ancestors did something remarkable and hid a family of Jews during WWII. If they were caught for doing this, they would surely have been killed. This is the reason it was a well-kept secret for a long time.

9. A tearful story

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Again a Facebook user shared an amazing story. Her family was white, but apparently the wife of her great-great-grandmother’s brother was black, and she was forced to put heavy make-up on and straighten her hair every day in fear that otherwise she could not be with the man she loved – she thought that nobody would accept her. Nobody but her husband knew anything about this, and when the woman died and the secret was revealed, nobody actually was mad.

10. This is twisted

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Some stories are just wrong, and this one is a perfect example. Apparently one man had an affair with the wife of his biggest son, and nobody in the family knows if the two children that the woman gave birth to are her husband’s or her father-in-law’s.

11. A strange turn of events

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Another person revealed that her grandmother was kidnapped and then returned a couple of days later when she was twelve. The weird part is that nobody in the family talked about this, and even her own mother pretended that nothing had happened.

12. This is a wild family story

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Imagine somebody telling you that your ancestors were criminals? This is what happened to one person, after her aunt told her that her great-grandparents got out of Scotland because her great-grandfather was a robber and he was about to get caught.

13. DNA tests show a lot of hidden things

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One girl shared that she found out her dad was not her biological parent after a DNA test. Her mother later told her that she and the father broke up for some time, but meanwhile she got pregnant, which she realized only when they got back together, and she simply decided to keep it a secret.

Written by Nick Martin

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