13 Unbelievable Movie Facts That Sound Fake, But Are Absolutely Real

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We all know that Hollywood is bizarre in certain ways, and many of the things that are accepted as common in that community can be easily considered insane by a regular person. This is particularly true when it comes to movie productions. A lot of different facts or circumstances behind the scenes are curious enough to be almost unbelievable.

The things you are about to read are all perfect examples of such crazy movie facts that seem to be made up, but turn out to be completely true.

1. The crazy fee Julia Roberts received for her part in Valentine’s Day

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The actress is one of Hollywood’s top stars, but even her status does not justify the fact that she received $11,952 for each of the 251 words she spoke in the movie. That’s right; her paycheck for the role was three million dollars.

2. Chance the Rapper’s generous act about the Get Out movie

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The rapper reportedly liked the movie so much that he prepaid all the tickets for it in all the theaters in Chicago so people could watch it without paying anything. He tweeted about it encouraging everyone to go and see it.

3. Bill Murray could have been Han Solo

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That’s unbelievable, but it was a near miss, actually. But it’s not just the Star Wars character; Murray was also close to receiving the main part in Forrest Gump, as well to play Buzz in Toy Story. We can’t even imagine these roles if he was the man behind them.

4. Robert Pattinson reportedly was not aware the Twilight series existed before auditioning

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This is kind of hard to believe, because you had to be living under a rock to be unaware of the one thing everyone was talking about all the time. He claimed that the reason he went to the audition is because he admired the acting skills Kristen Stewart had.

5. Tom Cruise was actually Aladdin’s prototype

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It’s kind of strange, but if they say so, it must be like that. We don’t see that much a resemblance, but considering that Aladdin was initially supposed to look like Michael J. Fox, we agree on the producers’ choice for Tom Cruise.

6. Ed Helms’ tooth was really missing in The Hangover

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Stu’s character did not need a prosthetic, because the actor actually wore one in real life. Helms simply took it off and the goofy look was immediately created.

7. One of the first ever movies to feature an iPhone


The scene you see here is one of the first movie appearances of an iPhone. This comes to show how times have really changed, and they will never be the same as the good old days.

8. Gal Gadot’s pregnancy was hidden from some of the scenes in Wonder Woman

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In a number of scenes she wore a costume with green screen around her belly, thus enabling some editing to be done later. She was five months pregnant during the movie production!

9. The mask Michael Myers wore in Halloween is simply a Captain Kirk mask that was painted in white

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And while this is crazy enough, we must mention that William Shatner (the actor who played Captain Kirk) admitted that once he went trick-or-treating with his daughter while he wore that same white mask.

10. Ian McKellen agreed to be the voice behind Cogsworth in the newest version of Beauty And The Beast that was released last year.

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What’s interesting about that is the fact that he turned down the same proposal for the animated version created in 1991. It would have been really cool if he actually did the same character in both productions.

11. Tron did not win an Oscar after it was released because computer effects were considered to be ‘cheating’ back then

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Things have evolved a lot since then, apparently. The movie should have won the Special Effects award, but it won the Technical Achievement award 14 years later.

12. Babe was actually played by 48 different pigs

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It sounds a huge number, but there is an explanation. It seems that pigs grow rather fast, but Babe needed to look the same throughout the movie productions, so they switched the pigs all the time.

13. The Little Mermaid had millions of bubbles in it

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That is normal considering the storyline, but what is interesting is that they are all hand drawn – imagine the ridiculous amount of work required to do this. Realizing it was going to be tough, the producers assigned the task to a Chinese company.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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