15 Cases Of Employees That Went Psycho And Murdered (Or Almost Murdered) Their Bosses

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If you’re like most of us who have had several jobs over the course of your career, you’ve had a few good bosses—the rest have been, more or less, awful. That little bit of power that comes with having an employee can and often does turn people into monsters.

Personally, I’m still in touch with a few of the people for whom I worked. Their numbers are in my phone, and I reach out to them from time to time to wish them well on a major holiday. I’ll even have lunch with one of them from time to time. The rest of those bosses? If they were to randomly drop dead, I doubt I’d shed a tear. There’s just an aspect to the employer-employee relationship that many find uncomfortable.

That said, there is a huge difference between not really caring if a person with whom you once spent a significant amount of time perishes and actively going out of your way to make sure he or she can never irritate you again. Unfortunately, people do kill their bosses, especially after that boss severs the employer-employee relationship.
Here are fifteen examples of people who did just about the most awful thing possible to the person once referred to by them as “boss”.

1. Irelio Reyes Osorio

Unless you taste beer, wine, or spirits for a living—which sounds like a great job—drinking during the workday is generally unadvisable. Sure, many of us feel like doing so on a regular basis, but it rarely works out well for the employee or the company for which he or she works. Most workplaces have pretty firm rules when it comes to getting intoxicated while trying to do an honest day’s work.

Irelio Reyes Osorio apparently enjoyed drinking on the job, so he did, which resulted in his termination. In March of 2017, the Miami Lakes resident decided he would “get even” with his supervisor by trying to stab him and run him over with a car. The boss didn’t actually die, but Osorio was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder. The two had met up, and Osorio was looking to get paid for a couple of days work, and that’s when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Osorio also sent his supervisor numerous threatening text messages prior to trying to murder him.

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2. Eric Allen Kirkpatrick

Possibly the saddest part of this story is that Vancouver resident Eric Allen Kirkpatrick decided to take the life of his former boss Benjamin Banky at an office Christmas party. His doing so probably really ruined the holidays for everyone attending TallGrass’ holiday festivities.

Banky had fired Kirkpatrick the day before the holiday party. Kirkpatrick used a shot gun to end Banky’s life. At one point, Banky tried to protect himself with a chair, but the shot went through it. Two more shots were fired.

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3. Mario Betancourt

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Back in the early 2000s, Florida resident Mario Betancourt’s actions earned him attention from the American television show America’s Most Wanted. In 2000, Betancourt, who at one point upholstered exercise equipment for a living, shot and killed his former boss and a co-worker; Betancourt had been accused of stealing. He shot his coworker five times and his boss twice.

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Betancourt ended up fleeing the state and eventually the country, eventually settling in Cancun. Because he used so many aliases, he was difficult to track and locate, but he was allegedly in both Maine and Pennsylvania before escaping the United States.

In the spring of 2001, Betancourt was found in Cancun, Mexico thanks to the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Four years after he committed his crimes, he was returned to Florida to face charges of first-degree murder.

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4. Rodney Jackson

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In June of 2015, Rodney Jackson of Texas was summoned into a conference room by his boss and asked to sign termination papers. Jackson refused to do so, and he stormed out of the conference room. The boss, Jason Yanko, and another employee of the company for which Jackson worked saw Jackson leave the building and go to his car.

The 49-year-old Jackson returned to the building with a pistol in his pocket and then, after a brief confrontation, started shooting. Yanko was shot several times—at least once in the face—and died shortly thereafter. The termination papers Jackson refused to sign were still in Yanko’s hands.

Jackson then fled the scene of the crime in a stolen truck, but eventually turned himself in.
Yanko had just moved to the area and started working for the Houston branch of the company, Val-Fit, for which Jackson was working at the time of the homicide. Yanko was married and had three children. He was 40 years of age at the time of his death.

Naturally, Jackson was charged with murder.

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5. Christian Rene Haley

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Technically, Christian Rene Haley didn’t kill his boss; instead, in December of 2013, the 20-year-old man murdered the wife and daughter of his boss.

Angry that he had gotten fired for attendance problems earlier in the year, Haley showed up at the Indianapolis home of Todd Erb, his former boss and bashed in the skills of his ex-employer’s female relatives using a cement block. Erb returned home to find his dead wife and daughter in pools of their own blood.

Haley stole several objects from his victims, including an iPhone and pearl earrings.
In 2015, Haley was found guilty of killing the women; he is serving life in prison, and there is no possibility of parole.

While what he did is truly terrible, Haley does have a history of mental problems, and those problems may have been a factor in the killings. The court, however, did not believe Haley was unable to understand that he was committing a crime when he ended the lives of the Erb women.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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