12 People Who Got Fired Because Of A Single Tweet

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#7 Valerie Hoff

A major part of everyday life has been taken over by different social media platforms. Many people are online during most of the day, whether it is work related or just for fun. Nowadays it is pretty normal to update your Facebook status often, to tweet random thoughts on Twitter or to post a photo of something that you liked on Instagram, even if it was your salad at lunch. We can’t leave out all of the naughty or funny things you can send your friends via Snapchat. The fact that you are just one click away from sharing something with the whole world means that you have to be careful, because one day you might end up posting something disturbing or inappropriate without even realizing it. There are a lot of people who think that an online post would hardly have any consequences, but being situated behind the screen and the keyboard does not mean you are in a safe place. Check out the stories below and you will see how a simple message can have a huge impact on the one who posted it. Some people will never learn that private thoughts are more appropriate staying private instead of being posted for the public public on Twitter.

1. Tweet about AIDS

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Reading this tweet would ultimately make you wonder what Justine Sacco was thinking when she wrote it. She managed to go wrong in a number of different ways with just one short tweet. Not only did she go racist and showed her inability to judge what is right and what is wrong with the message, but it simply does not make any sense. We must inform Justine that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that white people can get just as easily as any other race.
Sacco posted this nonsense on Twitter prior to taking off to South Africa. Being as offensive as it is, the tweet went viral pretty fast and eventually was the reason she got fired from her job, where she worked as a publicist. This is kind of strange, because a professional publicist should have probably put more thought into it before writing such a message.

2. Tweeting “ME LIKEY BROKE GIRLS” Via an Idaho congressman’s twitter account

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Okay, the situation here can probably be described as a misfortune. Phil Hardy was in charge of Congressman Raul Labrador’s Twitter account, but lost the job when he made the mistake of posting a personal tweet via Labrador’s account. He did not realize he was using the wrong account when he posted “Me likey Broke Girls.” Before you start wondering what exactly he had in mind with that, we have to note that Hardy was only trying to share he liked a certain TV show. Nothing kinky or dirty here. Phil Hardy realized what he had done just seconds after posting and quickly deleted the tweet, but it was enough to get him fired. We feel sorry for the guy because every one of us could make the same mistake if dealing with several accounts.

3. Antisemitism is never going to be cool

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After reading this, you immediately start wondering what exactly Nancy Salem was thinking would happen after such a tweet. Well, one thing that followed was surely unexpected for her, but well deserved – she lost her preschool teacher job. The anti-Semitic tweet she posted contained an encouragement for her friend to “kill some Jews”. In moments like this we actually feel glad that Twitter exists – that way stupid and toxic people can easily reveal themselves without even realizing it. Obviously Salem did not consider she might offend someone with her inappropriate message. What makes things even worse is that such a person teaches children.
Nancy Salem has posted such content before – she retweeted an inappropriate Holocaust joke and found it really funny when it actually was not amusing at all.

4. A Tweet suggesting Trump should be killed is never a good idea

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Chances are there were numerous tweets suggesting such actions, therefore Heather Lowrey’s post was likely not the first of this kind. She did not say that she intended to personally terminate Trump, but she kindly encouraged anyone who would willingly do it. Well, that might be a bit exaggerated as she did not really intend to talk someone into committing a crime. It was just a random tweet that she did not put enough thought into. The fact that she posted it means that she did not consider it would have any impact or consequences. And there were consequences, all right. For starters, she was immediately fired, but to take things further, she was involved in an investigation by the Secret Service. The tweet is inappropriate for sure, but it does not imply direct intentions to kill Trump, so maybe this investigation was a bit too much.

5. Twitter got her fired before she even started working

Complaining about how bad your job is on social media is not a good idea. If something is bothering you, there are always friends, colleagues or family members to talk to and express just how much you hate your boss. If you do want to complain online, do it within your Facebook account and be certain that your post will be under private viewing settings so it will not appear to the wrong person.

The example shown here is even worse – the woman who has been complaining had not spent a single day working yet when she started ranting about her employer. The tweet was somehow brought to the company’s attention and she was immediately fired via another tweet that everyone saw. It must have been pretty embarrassing, but she asked for it.

6. An intern at Disney was fired after tweeting a picture

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We have to be honest – this story is a bit strange. As you can see in the photo, the weird sign was uploaded in a Twitter post by a Disney intern. The text is for all employees to see and instructs everyone to not admit there actually were any alligators in the park area. The management wanted to curtail any fear the visitors might have and we totally get the idea behind it. The employee who posted the picture was immediately fired, but not long after that she was back on the job. The actions of the intern were controversial because they defied Disney’s policy, which clearly states that employees are not permitted to take photos of the service areas accessible only by staff members. This rule is set for a reason and many other companies apply it as well.

7. Valerie Hoff resigned

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You might wonder how it is possible for so many racists to still exist nowadays. The good part is that in most cases they are stupid enough to show it. That means they can immediately be identified, and in some cases – fired from their jobs. The tweet you see here was written by Mike Bacsik, who was a baseball player back in the days. He decided to tweet about San Antonio Spurs’ win over another team. We have no idea why he chose to use those words exactly, or why he even thought it would be appropriate language for the occasion. As it turned out, his employer thought that it was truly offensive and despite his apology, Bacsik was fired from the radio station he worked at. That will surely be a reminder for him to think before he posts something on social media.

8. Another Racist Tweet

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We must say that Michelle Obama is a classy, beautiful and stylish woman, and immediately earns respect for her elegance and grace. The woman behind the @millar15 Twitter account left a disturbing and unnecessarily rude and racist comment. What makes it a bit hilarious, is she used her full name on her account, so now we all know that Lisa Greenwood was the one behind the offensive post. Not very smart, huh? Shortly after the tweet, there was a statement from the woman’s employer, Home Point Financial, that Greenwood was no longer a part of the company.

9. A Twitter argument gone bad

The widely known crime writer Michelle McNamara passed away suddenly in 2016, which was a real shock for her fans and especially to her husband Patton Oswalt. He grieved about his wife and we could only assume how deep his pain was. Considering that, you might be hard pressed to fathom how low Trump supporter Tony Brust went in a Twitter argument with Oswalt. When you see the tweet, you will likely agree it was a brutally offensive post. It clearly shows that Brust could not come up with anything intelligent to say and decided to poke Oswalt where it hurts the most. And because everyone must get what they deserve, Brust got exactly that – he was fired for posting that tweet.

10. Posting a joke about a dead baby will never be funny

When you read Alfie Barker’s post on Twitter, you will agree that he did not have a clue what he was doing by writing it. His tweet was aimed directly at Harry Arter and the tragic events around his stillborn baby. Barker obviously thought it would be funny to post a joke about another man’s personal tragedy. When the post started bringing heat, he lied by saying that his account had been manipulated, but eventually was forced to apologize. Apparently it was too late for the apology because the soccer club he was part of decided to end all relations with him for good.

11. Another inappropriate Tweet

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Many Americans could not accept that Donald Trump was the next U.S. president and that did not change even on inauguration day. When the election results were announced, it all seemed like a bad joke at first. That feeling is still alive today and it is like a bad dream you cannot wake up from, but this is not the point here. Bart Hubbuch is clearly one of those people and that is probably why he decided to post a very short, but rather awkward tweet that compared the day Trump was sworn to be the next president to the 9/11 terrorist attack and to the tragic events in Pearl Harbor during WW II. Hubbuch was immediately fired from the New York Post after the tweet.

12. A spelling expert got owned after a Tweet

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This particular story is not about someone being fired as a consequence of tweet, but it is kind of upsetting. Katy Nash was the person who managed the official Twitter account of Maryland’s Frederick County schools. She posted a tweet to respond to a student and shortly after she was forced to delete the post and was fired on the spot. When you see the tweets you would probably agree with us that no harm has been done and nothing inappropriate or racist was posted. Quite the opposite, actually – she probably deserves a better job somewhere she would be appreciated for her insight.

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